Windows pop-up: Stack-Overflow at line 82

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I keep getting a pop-up from Windows it says "Stack-Overflow at line 82". It has been happening to me at home and at work, different computers, and only when I go on Facebook. Any Gugs know what that is and how I get rid of it? It won't let me click on anything but the pop-up repeatedly, and won't go away unless I restart my computer. Please help as I am not very computer savy.

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Re: Windows pop-up: Stack-Overflow at line 82

facebook has a probkem with incorrect memory allocation, it does not clean up after itself so it slowly chows your RAM. upgrading doesnt fix the problem, you just stop noticing it after a while...

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Re: Windows pop-up: Stack-Overflow at line 82

No I didn't Google it, and it usually happens when I'm looking @ pictures. Both cmps. are less than a year old, so I don't think it's the memory thing.
It has only been doing this for a week or less. I don't get it.

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Stack-Overflow at line 82 on Facebook

If this happens to you on multiple computers, but ONLY when you are on facebook then this is most like a Facebook problem.
Are you getting the error when trying to do a certain thing on Facbook or play a particular Facebook game ?

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Re: Windows pop-up......

this happened to me a lot at work with older computers that didn't have a lot of memory.  Not with facebook but with a program used to run an instrument.  When i upgraded the memory it seemed to stop.  Hope that helps.  Did you try to google it?

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