Buying a New Modem

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I have an At&T 2 wire modem that keeps losing connection, I share the internet with my desktop, my daughter's laptop and my Xbox. After the 7th time calling to reboot the modem, I have decided to get a new modem, However the one I am looking at is: but At&t told me that I can not ask them for customer service if I buy it, I don't know how to install it neither. What modem do you guys recommend and if not At&t modem then how to install the new modem?

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Re: Buying a New Modem

I would tell AT&T that the 2wire modem is faulty and you want them to send you their basic modem.  They should do this for free.  The modem setup should be simple and then you can add the wireless router of your choice.

Most phone company supplied DSL modems work fine as they come when connected to consumer-purchased routers when you follow the router's included instructions.  However, some ATT networks use a Westell-branded modem and to get a router to talk to it, the Westell modem must be set to bridge mode and the router must be set to PPPoE.

I understand that was probably Greek - gaining access to and configuring modems and routers is sort of advanced.  There's help.  If you connect your wireless router to a phone company supplied modem and you can't get out to the Internet, tech support from the phone company is supposed to help you to get it configured to their modem.  They're supposed to offer this support but they won't help configuring your router with security and a password, though.

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Re: Buying a New Modem

I've used a SurfBoard 5101 and it's as good as any other. What you need to ensure is that it will work with your internet provider, and ask them if you will need to do anything (such as calling them with the serial# or MAC address) to make it work.

With most internet companies, if you choose to buy your own equipment instead of rent theirs, you are on your own with configuring, administering, fixing, etc. This is great for geeks, but, if you dont know how to do all these things you may just be raising your frustration level.

Can you not just request a new/replacement modem from your Internet provider that does not require reboots all the time? it seems those AT&T 2Wire's really suck.. there are a lot of posts/complaints here about them.

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