How can I delete my hi5 Account ?

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I have been trying to delete or cancel my hi5 account. I have done what the site instructs you to do. When I click on their link to Cancel Account it asked for my current password for hi5 and also current email. I submit it and it tells me there is an *ERROR* that the email and password are not correct.

I then log out. I clear cache. I try to sign back in and I can't. I click on link forgot password and I am redirected to a page that asks for my email address to send my password to. I put in my email address and it reads: Successful, password sent.

I go to my email and I see that I have email from hi5. The same password that I have been typing in is what they have sent and obviously I am using the correct email as they sent me correct password. Along with this email comes a URL to my Account also. The only way I can get into account is to use this URL. I can't delete or cancel the account.

Before I went to delete account I made sure there was nothing in there. I also set the page up so it has a white background and white text for because the site would not let me change the income status, the status of my race, occupation of birth date.

I would appreciate any help regarding this matter as I have search hi5 site all day and nothing is there on how to deal with this issue. I have submitted questions to "the contact us" only to find out it is only online FAQ it diverts you too and nothing comes close to this.

Thanks in advance :)Smiles Smile

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Re: How can I delete my hi5 Account ?

i want to so much delete and remove my hi5 account

tarun dragon
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Re: How can I delete my hi5 Account ?

I am forget my hi5 account password so I am delete my account and creeat new account

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How can I delete my hi5 Account when i forgot the password

i want to delete but i dont know the password

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Re: How can I delete my hi5 Account ?

i still don't know

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Re: How can I delete my hi5 Account ?

Login to HI5 and goto url
Click Cancel my account.

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Re: How can I delete my hi5 Account ?
I need to know what can I do if I have deleted the account from which I created the hi5 account
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How do i delete my Hi5 account

How can i close my hi5 account anyone?!!!! PLEASE!?

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How to delete your Hi5 account

Go to account on the top menu bar, right side. Go to forgot password. Wait for email from hi5 and click link to change password. Go back to account, hit cancel membership. Use your email and the new password.

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