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Before you change your Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, MSN Spaces, LiveJournal, or Facebook layout

You'll need Firefox to check and test the changes that you make

After every change that you make, you will need to view your profile with Internet Explorer and with Firefox. If your changes don't look right in either one, you might have to adjust sizes or spacing. This is the only way to verify your changes will look correct to everyone that views your profile.


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Modify Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Live Journal and MSN Spaces

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Add custom pictures to your profile or comments

How to add music or MP3's to your profile

How to Add video to your profile

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Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: How to modify your Myspace, Facebook, MSN Spaces, and Hi5
Forgot my facebook password
Iheartcookies12 (not verified)
Re: How to modify your Myspace, Facebook, MSN Spaces, and Hi5
HOw do i find the people who blocked me but i cant see them but they added me so I don't get it =(
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: Myspace Help:'(
everytime i put the and symbol (&)it deletes everything after that? how can i fix this problem? i cant put pictures from photobucket on my profile cause it deletes half of the HTML code. Please Help Me
photo of member named
insert witty description here
I am a Grown Up Geek
Re: Myspace Help:'(

not sure if this will work, but try the ASCII code for the & sign instead, which is :  &
Including the & at the beginning..

Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: Myspace Help:'(
my wifes myspace got hacked and im trying to get it back for her can you help me please???????
Lou456 (not verified)
Re: How to modify Facebook

is there anyway you can actually view private profiles without actually setting up a fake facebook and hope they accept the friend request?

i have tried adding say a uni and doing it that way but you need a uni email address for the particular uni which i dnt have

I would be greatful for information to get passed this


Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: How to modify Facebook
Lou456 wrote:
is there anyway you can actually view private profiles without actually setting up a fake facebook and hope they accept the friend request? i have tried adding say a uni and doing it that way but you need a uni email address for the particular uni which i dnt have I would be greatful for information to get passed this Thanks Lou
bassem (not verified)
adding comment on each photo!

i wanted to know how can i add a commenton each photo appearig on my slideshow.
thanks & BRs

Whitney (not verified)

i was working on my profile... when i decided to change my about me section... i wanted everything double spaced... like after every sentence... can someone please tell me how to do this?????

Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
A very easy way to do this is to just press enter after each line, or word at the end of the line... if it doesn't let you do that, and if you have enough time, you could just space the whole entire line.
x_neonballroom (not verified)
put < br > [without the

put < br > [without the spaces between the <>'s and br] twice before each line.

Anonymous (not verified)
private profile

try making a profile that resembles a band and send them a message that says do you like rock and stuff were pretty good add us and then send them a friend request

Anonymous (not verified)
HIDE when profile was last updated..

Hope someone can provide me with a working code that will hide the line next to my picture that says "date and time profile was updated."

thanks in advance.

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace: can't reply or send out

i can't reply or send out any messages from my profile, why is this? i was told i was probably hacked... but how do i change this so i can send out messages again?

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace customized layout

Does anybody know how to make your own layout when you can have a lot of pictures all joined 2gether?

RoarMenor (not verified)
Viewing a Private Myspace Profile

Just another question about how do you look at people's profiles that are private.

Anonymous (not verified)
find out how view a private myspace profile ?

hey did you find out how to view a private profile?

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace Profile View Tracker

Is there a way to see who has viewed your profile?

donna (not verified)
myspace private proflies.

does anyone know how to get into a myspace private profile i really need to know please help me out here thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace Layout: hidden friend list

my friend list is hidden because of my layout and i dont know what to erase so everyone can see my friend list. help please!

Anonymous (not verified)
please help some1

I keep tryin to log into my myspace and it says wrong password and i request it to be sent to my email it just wont send it...wat do i do???

Anonymous (not verified)
lost hi5 account

Hi everobody
I need help i dont know how a lose my account on hi5 , i was created a new one account on hi5 and i was search my old account and i found it by the email alternative , actually i want to know how can entry with my alternative email , please reply .

Anonymous (not verified)
my myspace got deleted

is there anyway to get my myspace back? someone must have hacked into my myspace and deleted everything.. I need a lot of that info that i had in there... please help

Anonymous (not verified)
private profiles

how can i see someones private profile?

Anonymous (not verified)
How do I change my top 8 so I can have a top 16?

how do I change my top 8 so I can have a top 16?

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace layout help: changing top 8

to change your top 8 , you have to go to home, then where you see your top 8 there on the bottom it should say change my "top friends" , click it and on the top you will see it says edit your top friends and there will be a list of what kind of "top something" that you would like. in your case, top 16

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace layout: top 16

press on home , then ull see pictures of your friends in your "top 8" , on the bottom it will say change my "top friends" , click on that, when you get there : on the top it should say edit your top friends with a dropdown list of choices of what kind of "top something" you want , in your case , top 16

Anonymous (not verified)
fake sign in page for myspace?

just recently I signed into myspace on my myspace homepage, signed in my
email address password, and a new box came up in blue, said I needed to sign in again. and requested my email address and password again. I refused this box and refreshed my page. and finally got my account. I found this suspicious. I use firfox browser and IE beta 2. when I signed in on IE beta 2 I did not get this blue box. so I uninstalled my firefox. shut down my puter, turned back on, downloaded a new install of Firefox and reinstalled. so far no blue box has appeared. I have always set my homepage as myspace. have I been hacked.? or is there such a thing as a fake myspace sign in page?
any suggestions?

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace: I thought that too!

Its not fake, its an updated version for MySpace when your logged out. I did the exact same thing with refreshing the page and going to the regular one. Don't worry, nothing will happen.

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace uses IIS

found the problem
myspace uses IIS and my system does not. IIS is an internet information server. it wants me to log in again to confirm my credentials. I wont do it. myspace already has my credentials. my account. this is a silly way to do business. I found out all info on the net about IIS and the error I was receiving. myspace has some sneeky practices for a having a free friends enviroment. they not only collect and retain your ISP address, now they want to list you in an internet information server system. which by the way if you do this and log in with your credentials you will only be able to log in with that domain account name. no other. so if you have multiple myspace users on your computer. they are not going to be able to log into their accounts. just thought I would let others know if they are having this issue, and mind you it only comes up on the firefox browser. not on IE 7 beta 2. thanks geek for your site. I had heard about the fake myspace page before, but in this case that is not the problem. in this case myspace has IIS 5.1 or IIS 6.0 running on the network.