Does Tag Away really work?

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Does anybody know if Tag Away really works or is it just another scam? Has anybody tried it that can give a review?

I notice on the Tagaway website that they have the two Tag Away's for the price of one deal, but like I have seen asked in reviews for other products that seems like just a scam to trick you into paying all that extra shipping and handling. But the Tag Away website ( spells out that you get one bottle for $19.99 plus shipping and handling, and even with the second free bottle, the total is still only $29 so that can't be a scam can it?

The Tag Away website also says that the active ingredient is Thuja Occidentalis which is supposed to get rid of skin tags, but I can get a bottle of that for $6 so what makes Tag Away worth $29?

Lastly, the weird thing I noticed at the Tag Away website that made me afraid to order and think it might be a scam is at the bottom of the webpage in very small lettering it says that by buying the Tag Away you agree to their binding Arbitration agreement? I have never ordered anything online that made me agree to something like this?

If anyone has bought it please post a review if it works or not thank you!

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Does Tag Away really work
Tag Away stinks so bad my husband had to stop using it before we even had enough time to decide if it works or not.
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Does Tag Away really work?
Thuja occedentalis works the same in a $5 bottle as it does coming out of a $30 bottle. Instead of spending $30 for Tag Away and waiting weeks for it to arrive I would drive down to the drugstore or health food store and get the $5 version. Maybe the arbitration agreement is so you can't sue them when you realize it was a scam and they burned you for the $25 you could have saved.

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