Download IOS6 for my iphone on Verizon

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When IOS6 is out will I be able to download it to my iphone on Verizon?

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Re: Download IOS6 for iphone on Verizon

Assuming you have the new/current version of IOS 5.1 you should be able to download the IOS 6 upgrade "OTA" (over the air) on Verizon when it is available.
Based on history, IOS 6 is going to be many megabytes (my guess is 300mb-400mb) and if you have any kind of bandwidth usage cap or over-usage charges don't do it! It will probably be cheaper and faster to download and upgrade to IOS 6 via your PC and iTunes or, do your "OTA" upgrade while connected to your (or someone's) WiFi .

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