Facebook Account SOooo messed up !!!

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Facebook Account SOooo messed up !!!

Ok. I'm flighty. Everyone who knows me, knows it. So let's establish that up front. Ok, done. - Now: I created - accidentally - because of changing my mind (flighty) - two VERY similar facebook accounts with VERY similar user names (different only by one letter, in the middle, included in one and not the other), with THE exact same password -- I think - or yet another very similar one, AND EXACTLY the same real name. Now. The two accounts got somehow merged, or at the very least, show up in each others' places AND facebook corrects my spelling half the time and crosses them that way. SOOOOOOOOO --- I tried deleting them. I had to rename pretty much everything in one, finally deactivated it, but guess what, now when I try to log into the other one, it just reactivates the other. AND I can't get into the other one, at all. Even when I submit a request for a new password, it just doesn't send anything. I've made a snarled mess of Facebook AND yahoo mail accounts trying to redo these accounts. How can I get rid of the one I can't get into if it's always going to bring up the other one????
Thank you for any help. This is a mess!!

Re: Facebook Account SO messed up !!!

Check out this "how to" on How to Delete your Facebook account. The key is that after you delete/deactivate the account, if you log back into that account within 2-weeks, it will be re-activated.  So you have to request that it be deleted, then never log back in.  after 2-weeks it will finally be removed.

..i dunno about all the other stuff, it sounds like a mess!  I'll let the experts answer those questions.

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Re: Facebook Account SO messed up !!!

I'm a bit confused, they kind of said that they wanted to delete 'them', which leads me to believe they want them both deleted, and then go on to imply that they only wanted the one that they can no longer log into...

If I were them, I'd go through the deleting process hubby mentioned, for both accounts (or whichever you can log into) and take a facebook break for 2 weeks and NOT try to log into ANY accounts, and after 2 weeks (and maybe a day more) try to log into both of them, and if you can get into one, use that one or delete it too, and if you can't get into either, then just start over and not make similar accounts again... 

I figure it'd be easier to start all over and completely delete both... than to deal with facebook's initiative-taking issues...

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