Facebook crashing safari for Iphone

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Facebook crashing safari for Iphone

OK guys here is a BIG BIG dilema and maybe one of you guys might be genious to solve this problem.

1- I have an Iphone 3G (yea old one 2008)

2- I use Safari on Iphone to check facebook.

3- I have the facebook aplication, but it only shows me the facebook logo and the closes.


So here is the problem

I cant delete and add the facebook application, heck I cant even upgrade the thing because I cant. So I cant update or add the facebook application

2- because of this ^ I had resorted to use safari to check facebook. But now if I log in, Safari crashes.

3-  I cant do what is called a reset the phone to previous something because it does not let me.


What Have I tried:

- Turn off the cell

- Hard reset

- Clean cookies and history

Now if some of you could come up with a way to fix this I will be truly thankful


Re: Facebook crashing Iphone

When you say 'hard reset' - how did you do that? Pressing/holding the on/off and Home buttons for 10-15 seconds until you see the Apple logo? (if not, try that).
When you cleared the cookies and history, was there an option there to 'clear cache' ? (may not be on your older iOS) - if so, did you try clearing it?
Did you try to clear all databases. (same screen as clear cookies, tap databases, tap EDIT, then delete everything listed.

(Why cant you delete and re-add the Facebook application? )

If none of those do the trick, then literally, the only option left is to "restore" - i dont understand why you can't do that, but if you can't, I would say you may be S.O.L..

A new iPhone 4 is FREE with 2 year contract! Just sayin...

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Re: Facebook crashing safari for Iphone

 1- yes

 2- yes

 3- no databae has google, yahoo and some other stuff. So you recommend me to delete everything there?


4- person payng for my phone block my right to download or upgrade applications. yea it sucks ball. but hey at least.

5- no money and might be leaving usa next year. so not worth getting into the plan.


Thanks for the help

Re: Facebook crashing safari for Iphone

3 - You're running out of options, so I would try deleting everything, and hard-resetting again
4 - Yah, that sucks ball.. but, not as bad as sucking ballS i guess :)

If #3 does not help, and you can't change #4, then I don't know of anything else you can do.

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Re: Facebook crashing safari for Iphone
It's doing the samething on my phone- it's not that your blocked from downloading FaceBook - it's that there new version of FaceBook is not compatable with the 4.1 or earlier versions- try upgrading your phone on iTunes- just don't do 5.1 because it may not run-
Re: Facebook crashing safari for Iphone
carefull take a look at your baseband if its 6.15.00 you cant restore it via itunes. you can only restore it using custom firmware.
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Re: Facebook crashing safari for Iphone
[quote=str8ross]carefull take a look at your baseband...you can only restore it using custom firmware. [/quote] how to do this??

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