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Facebook Wall Photos

This may not actually be security, but I think it's affected by user's privacy settings. ...


I'm having an issue - I have a close friend who isn't friends with many of my others.  When he views my wall, he can see written posts, and also some video posts and links from some of my other friends, but never any photos that they post.


  • Since he can see the written/video - I'm assuming that the posters haven't blocked "friends of friends"

I can see the photos, and other friends have said that they can also see the photos.

So, he has somehow noticed this fact - Maybe while viewing my profile with me, noticing photos, then he can't see them on his own.

This makes him think that I am somehow blocking /  hiding these photos.  I've even asked one of my friends to check her settings to make sure that "friends of friends" can see photos posted....

My question is: what all settings would cause a posted wall photo to be blocked to a friend of a friend? 

Here are some that I've found:

  • Under Privacy: - profile

    • wall post - friends of friends
    • pictures tagged - friends of friends
  • Application settings:
    • Photos - automatic and full story size,  bookmarked,  profile: friends of friends
    • Posted items - automatic and full, bookmarked, profile: friends of friends

From going directly to the profile page: click settings -

  • friends may post on wall -
  • friends of friends may view posts -
  • Comments expanded by default.


Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas. :o)  It's hard to get any help - via facebook or google, because everything just says "oh, the posted has it blocked" -  but, videos and written posts show - and we've tried adjusting everything we can find....



Re: Facebook Wall Photos

so your wall has photos posted by your friends e.g. tagged you in so it shows up on your wall and your friend in question cannot see them on your wall? [i'm talking about a picture on your wall posted by another friend here, not about trying to view a whole album of a non friend]

Does he have this problem with any of his other mates' wall? Cos i'm thinking maybe its his own facebook/browser settings. He should be able to see them even if he's not facebook friends with the other person.


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Re: Facebook Wall Photos

I think tagged photos usually show up fine if you have chosen to show those, but when you actually post a photo on a wall.. ie NOT tagged but posted from a file youve uploaded from your pc, then other people cant view it besides the post-er and the post-ee. I have had this problem too and am baffled because it seems to not be affected by the settings - your own or that of the poster.

Re: Facebook Wall Photos

Thanks for the answers.


RIght, these weren't tagged photos, just regular.   We asked facebook - ha ha, they sent a form letter explaining how to upload photos from your PC.... okay....


After some fiddling with various settings,  for some reason, my friends photos-posted-on-my-wall were only visible to my other "friend"  after the Post-er friend set their ENTIRE profile to "everyone"


Which, who wants to have to do that?   sigh.

Re: Facebook Wall Photos

Actually, this would be a really decent way to share photos that you only want to share with just one person without creating an album, knowing that no one else can see it.




Re: Facebook Wall Photos

RIght, in theory, but, since this is the internet..... we can't just enjoy what is already happening  LOL -


Plus, there the chance of someone looking over your shoulder while you're viewing your own facebook account.


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