i cant remember my yahoo email password for the life of me......

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is there anyway to get back into it... i mean i dont care what i have to do. it is my account and i can answer everything about it but the zip code. i've been searching around and ive been reading that yahoos customer service is pretty nonexistant/unhelpful/unbudgeable.... so.... erm... please someone tell me im not screwed.

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Re: i cant remember my yahoo email password for the life of me..

I couldn't remember my email or password for yahoo either, but I did remember my alternative email address that I used when I signed up for yahoo. I do not have that email address anymore. I wrote a email to customer service on the yahoo page. They replied with an email that had their phone number in it, I called it and explained that I didn't remember my yahoo ID and that my alternative email was different. I answered my security questions and my B-Day and they sent an email to my new email address with my yahoo email and temp password.

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Re: cheating boyfriend

hi .. i recently made a hotmail account for my man as he never "apparently" knew how to do one and so obviously i knew the password to it. every now and then i check the account to see if he as any new messages or contacts. i went on there today and saw that he has another email address which must of only been created in the past few days . this has left me very suspicious and now i want to get into his msn to see if he is cheating by chatting to girls on line..


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