Can't find your tax return?

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Can't find your tax return?


Looking for your tax return from a previous year and can't find it? There are two different ways for you to retrieve your income tax information. The IRS offers this by phone or by mail. You can request a tax return transcript or a tax account transcript.

The tax return transcript will show most of the lines from your original return (nothing if you had any amendments) and will satisfy most requirements by lending institutions.

The tax account transcript will show marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income, taxable income and any changes made after you filed your original return.

Call 1-800-829-1040 to order by phone. To file by mail visit the IRS website and download IRS Form 4506T. It can take up to two weeks for delivery, but it's free. And once you receive it, dedicate a box, fireproof safe (preferred) or a file folder in your filing cabinet and keep your returns in one place.