Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

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Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

So I was getting a facial yesterday and the lady doing it noticed that I was getting spots on my face.. Im guessing because of the sun.. So here’s my confession.. I don’t use sunscreen on my face ::insert shock face here:: and I don’t have a specific moisturizer either.. ::faints:: for some reason every time I put some sort of lotion in my face I feel it too greasy so I don’t like the feeling.. Don’t get me wrong I have excellent skin (from what I’ve been told) But the spots that are starting to appear on my face are worrying me now.. Does any one have any good face sunscreens to recommend.. Something that wont make my skin feel greasy… actually last night after my shower I threw on some Neutrogena 30spf sunscreen before bed.. and this morning I didn’t have the greasy effect.. Do you think it still works if I start putting it on overnight??



Re: Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

I used to avoid putting sunscreen on my face for that reason... I'd just load up on face products with spf... but I hate the sun so I wanted something stronger...

Neutrogena carries the dry-touch sunscreen which I love... sunscreen makes me sweat and feel greasy... this is the first I've used that didn't...

Edit: sunscreen wears off... which is why you're supposed to reapply it (the higher the spf, the longer you can go without reapplying)...


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i use dove. its the only moisturizer that ive liked. it has a soft scent and no greasy feel. its got spf in it too. i usually dont go out in the sun without regular sunscreen on my face. i havent found anything really great yet for that.


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Re: Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

I swear by Skinceuticals sunscreen.  For day, it doubles as my moisturizer so the price doesn't deter me.  I wear it 365.  It's light and absorbs quickly.  The best thing you can do for your skin is moisturize and block the rays.  It does both. 




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Re: Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

Hi, you look gorgeous now, but if you want to keep looking that way, you need to use sunscreen. Use it only in the morning because using it at night will only add chemicals you don't want on your skin all night. Sun damage doesn't start showing up until you get into your 30's and 40's by then the damage has been done. So use it now and thank me when you get older.
You need to use at least 25SPF or higher. Make sure that is has protection both from UVA and UVB plus there's a new one with C at the end that stands for cancer. As far as moisturizer, make sure it's for combination skin, which it sounds like you have.
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Re: Facial Moisturizers & Sunscreen

animestrinity wrote:

Neutrogena carries the dry-touch sunscreen which I love... sunscreen makes me sweat and feel greasy... this is the first I've used that didn't...

I agree, the stuff's amazing, and comes in super high SPF's.  No greasy feel afterward, it's effective, and a little goes a long way, so the tube lasts for a bit.

Putting sunblock on before bed is pointless, unless you're planning on sleeping in a tanning bed.  Sunblock should be applied 30-45 minutes before going into the sun.  You WILL burn if you go out sooner.  You should re-apply every 4-6 hours, depending on sun exposure, more frequently if you're sweating or swimming.


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