Hidden facebook pictures?

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Hidden facebook pictures?

I have access to someone's facebook and it shows that they have 4 pics but I only see 2. Is there a way that I can see the other 2 pics?



Re: Hidden facebook pics?

The other pix are probably private. 


I could be incorrect, but I think that they only way that someone would see those photos: 

1. They have been tagged

2. Another friend of theirs made a comment on the photo (that friend would have to have access to the private photos)

3. You view the friend's page that made the comment - the photo may be somewhere on that other friend's wall, posted there with the comment that they made on the private photo.




Re: Hidden facebook pics?

I have found with some messing around I can usually find the hidden photos.  Click on their profile photograph to get to that folder, then click on a random photograph, from there you will find all of their photo folders and by looking to see the last added date I've found the newest pics that might be unavailable on their actual profile.

Re: Hidden facebook pics?
Good idea, but this didn't work on the private photo albums for the public profile I tried. :( Oh well...

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Re: Hidden facebook pics?

Thanks for the info.

Re: Hidden facebook pics?

When looking at someones facebook profile, you will notice there is a photo count under their picture. This count includes all the pictures they have been tagged in, even if they tagged themselves. Since the picture they were tagged in is not really their "property", but his or her friend. Therefore, if the friends privacy settings only allow for his or her friends to view it and you are not in their network, you will not see the picture. I hope this is not to confusing.

For example, I have been tagged in 10 pictures by 10 different friends. All the friends who tagged me have their settings to only allow friends to see those pictures.  Now comes one of MY friends Mary wanting to see those pictures. Mary and I only have 2 mutual friends with those that tagged me. She will only be able to view 2 pictures. The rest are hidden from her because she is not friends with my other 8 friends. I hope that makes sense.

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