home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]

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while trying to delete some of what i think is favorites bar items, my home icon disppeared. Now i have to close completely and click on internet explorer again to get back to home page. can't get to home page anymore after icon disappeared.

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Jerry (not verified)
Re: home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]
In IE 9 my Home, Favorites, and Tools icons at the top right of the browser window often disappear. It doesn't appear to be related to any toolbar setting, and usually happens when I double-click a "pinned site shortcut" (a browser shortcut that I copied into a folder.) Sometimes just the Home icon disappears. It's odd that this bug was missed in testing.
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]

Just checked and it happens on mine too.  I'm not sure this is what I would call a bug... maybe just an oversight?  Or yeah... a bug.  :)  Also... the "Tools" icon disappears from the non-pinned page that was already up when bringing up a pinned page.

I personally find Windows 7's taskbar pinned items feature (both programs and IE9's pinned shortcuts) useless and cumbersome.  Preferring a totally clean taskbar unless something active is open, I disable the "recent programs" list on the Start Menu and pin selected programs there.  For bookmarks to sites in IE9, I use Favorites.

But I do understand that people would want to use an advertised advantage of IE9 like being able to pin shortcuts to sites that are accessed often.  I bet Microsoft addresses this oversight with their first IE9 update.

Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]

Yeah... make sure that you didn't uncheck the Command Bar when you were "cleaning house".  Right-click where your Home icon was and if a list pops up, put a check next to Command Bar. 

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Re: home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]

Also you can get to your home page by pressing the alt key and the home key at the same time (alt + home)

The alt key is by your space bar, the Home key is usually to the right of your main set of keys... near the PgUp PgDn and End keys...

......now the word Home is starting to look really really weird... even sounds weird... yay, it's one of those days.

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Re: home icon disappeared [Internet Explorer]

What version of Internet Explorer? In my version, i can right-click one of the existing buttons (not favorites) and select 'customize' to add/remove buttons..

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