How to use multiple eMail accounts with Hotmail

Have as many eMail accounts as you like with free Hotmail

Signing up for a Hotmail account is free, so you may wish to have more than one account. Many people use one account for friends and family only, while using the other account for making online purchases, etc. This helps to cut down on the amount of spam in your other email account( s ).
You can sign up for your free Hotmail account here: Free Hotmail sign-up

Switching between eMail accounts using Hotmail web-mail

To check email on multiple email accounts using Hotmail web-based eMail follow these simple steps:

  • Sign-in
  • to your first eMail account by opening your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox by going to and entering the email address and password

  • Sign-Out of the first account by clicking the 'sign-out' button in the upper middle portion of the page:
    How to sign out of Hotmail
  • Sign in to Hotmail with the second eMail account.
  • When you sign out of Hotmail you will be re-directed to the MSN home page. You can sign back into Hotmail with a different account by clicking the Hotmail on the MSN home page, or by entering back into your web browser.
    How to sign in to Hotmail

    Using Hotmail with multiple email accounts is easy!

    As you can see, switching between more than one eMail account with Hotmail is simple, so sign up for as many Hotmail accounts as you'd like. After all, it's free!


My various accounts disappear from the sign in page and i have to type them again each time. Why?

That my question too. Is it a function of the browser I am using? If not then can MSN help us out?

If you use the (free) Firefox browser you have the option of saving your login/passwords. Have you tried that?

I have that peeve also. On my computer at work, using IE6, the Windows Live sign-on page displays all the email addresses that I have used and I can sign on any one of them without retyping the address. At home, using IE7 or Firefox, it will display only the last email address used and I have to type the full address of anything different; it will not autofill. It is doubly irksome because I have to type the "@m s" also, unlike many other email providers. If I click on "Remember me on this computer," then the next time I log-in it will come up with that ID but will "forget" the previous one. I don't want to save the password, just the Windows Live ID (email address). I know it can work like I want (like it does on my work computer). How do I make it do that at home?

Try this:!AEE1BB0D86E23AAC!222.entry


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