How to enlarge a facebook photo

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This is what you can do to see a larger image:

1. “Right click” on the small picture and choose “Properties“.

2. Copy the location. You should have something like this :

3. Paste this link in your browser and change the “s” to a “n” and press enter. The new link should be:

And it also should be large enough for you to see who it is. (Double the size)


disclaimer: this isnt a new "code" just a small tip which can be found on various websites.

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siddardha (not verified)
Re: How to enlarge a facebook photo
asking How to enlarge a facebook photo
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: How to enlarge a facebook photo
It's very useful.Thank you very much.
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Re: How to enlarge a facebook photo

great tip AE. just tried it and used the  ⌘ + [command and plus] keys on my Apple keyboard and enlarged the picture to the full size of my display. note: the larger you increase the picture, the more distorted it becomes.


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