how can i find out if my boyfriend has a baby

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i dont think my boyfriend cheated but i think he has a kid he's not telling me about how do i find out if he has a kid without him knowing im looking into it. is there a website or something where i can type his name and stuff to get info on him like that maybe a birth certificate. or something. i think its wrong if he has a kid and is hidding it something has to be done i cant sleep

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Re: how can i find out if my boyfriend has a baby
Hi, I want to know thia too, I think my boyfriend has a kid. I see this question is old, did you find a way to know? can you share? thanks.. PD. i do have his name & last name, & the ex wife name & last name, i just want to know if they had a kid... how can i do that? thanks a lot !
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Re: how can i find out if my boyfriend has a baby

In most places the Birth records are availible to the public

You can check for any babies with his last name, his name Jrer or 3r,43th,etc, or a baby with the Suspected mothers last name,Suspected mopther's last name  with your boyfriends name listed or a baby with a hyphanated last of the suspected mother and  your boyfriend

Problem here is people that already have kids tend to find it harder to date and get into relationships as their potential mates are more often then not scared off by the fact that they already have a it's not that unusual that he is defensive..if that is the case

Such things are harder for Single Moms looking for love,a relationship, and marrage to someone other then their chid/childrens original father but there are Women that usually are not into raising another woman's child cause it's "proof" her man was with someone else

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