How long is "long enough" for house guests to stay with you?



I be pimpin at the Holiday Inn!   Seriously though- a day or two is more than enough. If they plan to stay longer, hotel's down the road!


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depends on who the guest(s) is and what time of year. now that we live in cold country, i'd prefer spring/summer guests. one week. two weeks. bring it! if it is winter or fall or just snowy & shittty, then is the number to the Hilton in town. buh-bye now.


its me, mzE frum mah fone...we've had some inconsiderate repeat guests of late & I wuz ready to put my tail-kickin' boots ON! if it were different i'd extend the welcome, but I think ev1 gets tired of company after a while. thank goodness they left earlier (bags packed = good sign) I wuz gettin' grumperz!

Depends on who the guest is, with the caveat that I really don't have the room for guests here, so this is all hypothetical until I finally move.  If my sister or one of my close friends wants to visit me out by Buffalo, come on out, stay as long as you want!  If, let's say, my Mom, or worse yet, Boyfriend's Mom wants to come visit....well, I guess I could handle a weekend, but that's about it.


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Depends on who it is. AS long as they do not touch my AC thermostat or drink my beer...



 Love your answer!

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If he's single, tall, handsome, brings me starbucks in the morning, can fix my computer....hold on where's my list....

then move in and stay forever <3

Other than that, depending on my mood and person(s) a few days to a week is fine.  


 *packs bags* here i comez! But yah, i guess it does depend on who it is. I had a dreamy guy "stop by" for a couple weeks once...or maybe i was hallucinating. Either way, it was a ncie couple of weeks!


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Yeah I would say it depends on who the guest is. I have had a friend sleep on my couch for weeks and weeks, which never really bothered me. We went to high school together and are really close. He started traveling around the country, hopping trains, hitching rides, staying wherever he could. When he would come back in town and stay with me and my husband he would clean our house while I was at work and then we'd all have a great time drinking and playing games so it worked out well.

One day we get a call from him saying he'll be in town and will have one of his travel buddies with him and was it cool she stay with us too. I agreed having heard tons of good things about this chick. So we invited a bunch of friends over the night they got into town and started partying. The minute I met this girl I knew something was wrong, but I brushed it off, told myself if he liked her so much then she had to be ok.

She was one of those kids that took the saying "make yourself at home" way too literally. They were with us for maybe a week, and during that week she really grated on me. She dyed her hair pink and purple in my bathroom and stained the top of the counter because she didn't ahead to cover it with anything. At this time I had been renting a house from my aunt and uncle, so the property wasn't even mine. She didn't even try to clean it. Then she decided it was a good idea to hang her thongs to dry on the basement stairs. Not sure if she even washed them...but apparently they needed drying...
So, not to make this any longer (LOL) I had had enough and had to give 'em both the boot. Broke my heart to kick my friend out but that rotten little thing had to GO!
Yup, I'm not too into the whole house guest thing anymore, unless it's just an overnight thing when people have been drinking.

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Woah. That's a very You, Me, and Dupree moment.  I'm sorry she ruined guest stays for you and your sink!

AE wrote:
*packs bags* here i comez!


We'll go vacation somewhere cooler and where the boys aren't as dumb lmao


I am the queen of "how long are you staying"*shrug*. I've stayed a few weeks, a few days, a few I guess I look at it from the other side. But it really depends on who it is and how much they get under my skin. Now my besties could stay as long as they want...but they have lives to go back I guess there is a different between being a guest and just staying there til you find something else.


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This is good, for teens especially, who are just learning etiquette. Three hours is how long a 'stop by and visit' should last. If it includes a meal (lunch or dinner) offer to help set the table, or do the dishes. Usually the host/ess will say you don't need to do it, but OFFERING is imperative. Be sure the thank your friend (or their parents) before you leave and to clean up any mess you've made while visiting. Put your cup or glass in the sink, pick up candy wrappers, straighten the pillows where you were sitting, etc. If you follow this guideline you will be invited back again and again, and greeted with a genuine smile and offer to stay longer if possible!

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