HOw do I remove images from IE?

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I can do i t on firefox.How is it done on IE8? thankyou.

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Re: HOw do I remove images from IE?

I don't use IE8 since I no longer use Windows on a regular basis however the idea intrigued me so I did some digging. I found a link that shows you how to block ads in IE8 which will block some pictures. Do you want to block all pictures in IE?

Follow the link in the article to download the file. That being said be careful what you download. I have not tried this file and do not know for a fact that it is ok. You might want to give it a scan with your anti-virus. So download then right click then scan with (insert name of AV here).

*edit: Ok you got me. I fired up my XP box. Open IE8, Click tools--> Internet options--> Advanced. then scroll down till you see a checked box that says Show pictures. Hit apply and then refresh your page.

Ads will show up but photos will not. So maybe a combination of the two?

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