How To Add More Fingerprints To Your iPhone

In this How To article and corresponding video (below) we will show you how easy it is to store more fingerprints in your iPhone 5S, how to edit the name of the stored fingerprints, and how to delete previously stored finger prints.

Applies to: iPhone 5S or newer, iOS 7 or higher

Why add more fingerprints?

When you first setup the fingerprint reader on your iPhone , only one print is stored.  There will be times that you are holding your iPhone in a different hand or when your fingers are dirty that you have to use a different finger to unlock your phone.  You may also want to store the fingerprint of a loved one so that they can also use your iPhone.  If you have not previously stored those fingerprints in your iPhone, those fingers will not be able to unlock your device.

Do I have to use the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone to unlock it?

No!  Using the finger scanner on the iPhone is optional and can be disabled by tapping General, Passcode & Fingerprint, Fingerprints, and turning "Passcode Unlock" to "off".

When the fingerprint scanner is activated, you still have the option to slide the "Slide to unlock" button, and then enter your passcode to unlock the phone.  This also serves as a backup incase the fingerprint scanner is unable to read your finger prints for any reason.

Adding More Fingerprints

To add or store a new fingerprint to your iPhone memory:

  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Tap Fingerprints
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap "Add a fingerprint..."
  • Follow the onscreen directions to hold your finger on the home button, wait until you feel the vibration, lift your finger, and place it down again at a slightly different angle.  You will have to do this several times and hold the phone differently as you follow the onscreen directions.

How to Change The Name or Label of Stored Fingerprints

  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Tap Fingerprints
  • Tap Edit (upper right)
  • Tap the name / label of the finger print name that you want to change, backspace over the current name, and type the new name or label and press Done (lower right) when complete

How to Identify Which Fingerprint is Stored

  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Tap Fingerprints

Under "Fingerprints" you will see up to 5 stored fingerprints.  Hold your finger on the home button (do not press, just lay it on the home button softly) for a few seconds.  If that fingerprint is stored in the iPhone, the label will flash.  You can then use the directions above to change the name of the lable so it is more easily identifiable.

Deleting Stored Fingerprints From Your iPhone


  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Tap Fingerprints
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap the red 'delete' button on the left-side of the fingerprint that you want to delete
  • Confirm deletion by tapping the red Delete button that will appear on the right


Video Version: How to Add, Remove, Edit and Identify Fingerprints on Your iPhone 5S 





Thank you! It seems so easy but I could not find where to add more fingers! I kept looking in the privacy settings :(

Thank you I just got my new iphone and I needed to learn to add more prints. I find that saving them from all directions works best.

Wow, easy. thank you. I just did this on my iPhone 6S.

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