How To Unban Your Gaia Online Account

If you wish to have your Gaia account ban reviewed, you are certainly welcome to file a request (ticket) through the Gaia Help Center to have the ban re-investigated by the Gaia Account Integrity Team.

Before you file a request to have your account Gaia ban reviewed, however, you should know that only those cases in which the user can provide additional information and verifiable proof not originally known at the time the ban was placed will be actively re-investigated. Requests that do not meet this criteria cannot be responded to – sorry.

The proof required to re-open a banned Gaia account investigation needs to be compelling and provide additional detailed information that can be verified by staff members if necessary. Proof does NOT include such things as:

* Vague and un-provable statements of personal innocence (e.g. “It was not me, I swear!” or “My cousin got on my account and hacked people, not me!,” etc.)

* Statements made by friends, relatives, or other members of Gaia not directly involved in the incident, and who do not have access to the account.

* Making claims that someone said or did something to your account, but failing to substantiate these claims with copies of private messages, chat transcripts, etc.

If you do decide that the information you have regarding your account is valid and verifiable, and you wish to have your ban reviewed, then please file a Help Center ticket using the following steps:

1) Login to Gaia Online using an active, unbanned account. Create a secondary account to do so if necessary.

2) Click on the Contact Us link on the bottom of any Gaia page. Once at this page, scroll down until you see the section titled "Still can't find your answer?" and click on the link that says Click Here. Clicking this link will redirect you to the Help Center ticketing system.

3) Once in the ticketing system, please file a ticket on behalf of your banned account. Select General Account Inquiry from the drop-down menu, then select Account Bans as the topic of the inquiry, and then select the appropriate sub-topic that most reflects your banned account situation.

4) Fill in all required report fields and click the Submit button to submit your report. Once we receive your inquiry and investigate your ban, our team that handles account inquiry tickets will respond to you and provide you information about why your account was banned.



7oc was my account :/

2012 was an odd year.

I don't know what I got banned for. I had my account gave to me 3 years ago. I hardly got on it but I still made time to get on it. I just don't understand why I got banned because I didn't do anything.

They banned one of my mule accounts because it had roleplay stuff on it (apparently Gaia doesn't like it when you roelplay :/)
and they ended up banning my main account and another mule account just because it apparently had the same IP address as the RP mule account.
For one, I think that is stupid because my other accounts had nothing bad on them at all, yet they proceeded to ban them anyway just because they didn't like one of my mule accounts and because it was somehow linked to my other accounts. I sent in a report and it took them FOREVER to get back to me, I had to send 2 reports until they finally looked over my claim. But it was all a waste of time anyway because they didn't even get my main account unbanned even though I had nothing bad on it and have done nothing wrong.

Staff of Gaiaonline, you are retarded and I hope your website gets shut down. I hope people don't buy your stupid products and your items are too expensive and you're using people to get their money and then you turn around and ban them for no good reasons. Your staff are pieces of sh** and I hope you drop dead and die for being such a**holes. -_-

fudge Gaia, the admins don't pay attention to the users, only if it's to hurt them. I can't wait until the site gets shut down.

can someone unban my account i slow i


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