(AIM) husbands "Buddy list" show everyone offline when they're online?

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Help please...My husband opened an AIM 6.8 while he was in AOL. He has attempted to send messages but everyone in his "Buddy List" is showing "offline". But that is not true because I can be looking at those friends and they are sending messages to me in AOL.
Can someone please help me get his AIM set up correctly.
Personally I'd like to use my AIM express but I don't want him to see me using it and he can't.
Any help will be appreciated. I'm a real beginner so be
kind. Thanks

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Re: (AIM) husbands "Buddy list" show everyone offline when ...
Yeah me too...all of my buddies show up offline so i tried removing AIM and redownloading it but that didn't work either. I looked at my privacy tab it only shows: who can im me and see me online, who can see my buddy list, who can see my Lifestream updates, who can find me, and allow others to see.
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Re: (AIM) husbands "Buddy list" show everyone offline when ...

I have same problem but with only one of my buddies, the rest show up fine. She says she cannot see me either.


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Re: (AIM) husbands "Buddy list" show everyone offline when ...

OK, so when you have AIM open, go up to the top and

  • click on Edit.
  • Then click on Settings
  • On the left side you'll see a bunch of tabs. Click on Privacy.
  • Make sure the button for "Allow All Users To Contact Me" is checked.
  • Click Apply, then click Save

You should be good to go now.  If not, please post back and we'll see if we can make some other adjustments.


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Re: (AIM) husbands "Buddy list" show everyone offline when ...
THANK YOU SO MUCH! My buddy list did that and I tried it on every single computer and thought something was wrong with my buddy list. This worked! Thank you!!!

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