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So with the new software update my mom logged into my icloud and has been recieving all of my imessages since then. I just found out about this and it needs to stop. I created a whole different icloud account and restored my phone is there anyway that she will still be able to get my imessages? and is she able to see my texts or just the imessages? please help!

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Re: icloud iMessages
I had the same problem and fixed it in the settings.
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Re: icloud iMessages
You could always get a job. Buy your own iPhone and computer. Pay for your own phone service and internet provider. And then when you aren't using equipment or services purchased by your mother, you can do whatever you want with it.
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Re: icloud iMessages

This was a very common issue when people sharing Apple ID's or iCloud accounts upgraded to iOS 6. See this page for how to change it: Stop getting iMessages that are not mine

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