iCloud Login - How To

A common question we get is "How do I log in to iCloud?".  Usually iCloud login is simple but because there are various ways to login to iCloud depending on what kind of device you are on, and which iCloud service you want to log in to and use, we have listed the most common iCloud login options
Applies to iOS 6, iOS 5 (some features only), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac computers running Mountain Lion

iCloud login from iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:

To log in to iCloud from any iDevice running iOS6, tap SETTINGS, then iCloud and tap Login or if you have not yet created your iCloud account, tap the button to create a new iCloud account and follow the prompts.iCloud Login Screen on an iPhone
If you are already logged in to iCloud on one account, but would like to log out and login to iCloud using another account, scroll to the bottom of the Settings|iCloud screen and choose "Delete Account".  Deleting the iCloud account will remove it from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and remove all of the associated data (emails, contacts, etc) from your device.  It will not delete your iCloud account.  After you 'delete' the iCloud account from your phone you can then login to iCloud with another iCloud account.  Once you have logged in to iCloud this way your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch will have access to iCloud email, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari Shared Tabs, Notes, Passbook, photo stream, stored documents and data, Find My iPhone, as well as automatic backups of your device to iCloud.  To disable any of these services from your device, just tap the on button and change it to "OFF".

To login to iCloud and access iMessages from your iPhone or other iDevice you must may have to take a few extra steps:

Ensure that iMessage is set to ON
If you want to automatically deliver iMessages to iPhones that are not using iCloud or when iCloud is not available to you or the recipient, make sure "Send as SMS" is ON.
Under "Send and Receive" enter any additional email address you would like to associate with your iCloud and receive iMessages at.  Each email you add will have to be validated.
Set your iMessage "Caller ID", by putting a checkmark next to the phone number or email address under "Start New Conversations From".

To login to iCloud and use FaceTime you may have to take a few extra steps:

Make sure that FaceTime is set to ON
Click Log In and enter your iCloud account and password
If you are already logged in to FaceTime with an iCloud account, and wish to use another iCloud account for Factime, tap "Apple ID", then tap "Sign Out", you can then sign-in with any other iCloud account for FaceTime.  FaceTime caller ID and FaceTime "you can be reached by FaceTime at:" works the same as on iMessage described above.
iTunes App Stores:
You can use two different accounts for iCloud services (above) and the iTunes/app store.  This might be useful for example if you have a child.  You may want the child to have their own iMessage, FaceTime, email, etc, but use your account for purchasing apps.
Tap SETTINGS, then iTunes & App Stores
Enter the iTunes/Apple ID/iCloud account you wish to use for app purchases.  If another iTunes account is already logged in, tap "Apple ID", select Sign Out, then enter the new iTunes account information.

iCloud login from a Mac

How to login to iCloud from a Mac

On your Mac, click the Apple Logo in the far upper left of (any) screen.
Select System
Click (don't need to double click!) iCloud
Click sign in and enter your info
If you are signed in already and wish to change to another iCloud account, click Sign Out on the left, and then Sign In with the iCloud/Apple ID you wish to use.

FaceTime From your Mac:

Click the FaceTime icon or click the search magnifying glass in the upper right of any screen and type 'FaceTime', then click the FaceTime icon.
From the FaceTime menu, select Preferences
In the FaceTime window, make sure that FaceTime is set to "ON", and sign in with the iCloud or Apple ID you wish to use.  To switch FaceTime to use a different iCloud account or Apple ID, click "Apple ID", then click Sign-Out, then sign in with the iCloud account you wish to use.  

iMessages on your Mac:

Click the Messages icon or click the search magnifying glass in the upper right of any screen and type 'Messages', then click the Messages icon.
From the Messages menu, select Preferences
Click Accounts
Click Sign In and enter your Apple ID or iCloud account information
If Messages is already signed in with another account, click the Sign Out button, then sign in with the iCloud or Apple ID account you want to use.

Login to iCloud from a PC:

Download and install the iCloud Control Panel from Apple (http://www.icloud.com/icloudcontrolpanel)
After installing the iCloud Control Panel activate iCloud by clicking 'iCloud Control Panel' in your Start Menu.
Enter the iCloud/Apple ID you wish to use
Activate the iCloud options you wish to use (Mail, Shared Bookmarks, Photo Stream)

Get iCloud Notes, Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, eMail and Find My iPhone on a PC (basic operations)

To access Notes, Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, email and Find My iPhone on a PC, go to www.icloud.com and sign-in with your iCloud id.

Use FaceTime and iMessages on a Windows PC

FaceTime and iMessages is only available on Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  

iCloud login with two accounts:

For more detail on how to sign into iCloud with two iCloud accounts see this page: iCloud Logon with two iCloud accounts


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Roxi goik (not verified)
List phone and don't know apple ID info
Help please
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: iPhone outgoing texts with my daughter's email address on
I have just bought a new iphone and when I send texts the outgoing message has my daughter's old email address she put on her ipad when she was 10 which is 'selenagomez'!! So I am not sure how to go about changing it, whether thru icloud or other way or through the phone itself, I have tried everything I know.. Please help me!!
photo of member named
insert witty description here
I am a Grown Up Geek
Re: iPhone outgoing texts with my daughter's email address on

Are the people that are receving these messages seeing that name, or just you?
At any rate, this is what you want to check:
On the phone, check your icloud settings, make sure it's your account
Check the "messages" settings, make sure it's your icloud account / be sure to check the "send & receive" settings.

Check in your Contacts list for "selenagomez" and delete it.. it is most likely that only you are seeing this because it's being found/matched in your Contacts.

Darnell Coulter (not verified)
Re: iCloud Login - How To
Help with my lost icloud
I See Stupid People (not verified)
Re: iCloud Login - How To
If you lost your iCloud, it's probably right where you left it. Did you retrace your steps?
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: iCloud Login - How To

My iCloud account has been set up since I got it. All services are turned on. I just don't understand how to access iCloud so I can look things over! I go to settings and there's no login screen, shouldn't that appear so I can go to the site? What I actually want to do is see what books are being stored in iBooks, so I know if I can remove the books from Dropbox, where I downloaded them from. I'f they are in iCloud, I can empty them from Dropbox.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

photo of member named
insert witty description here
I am a Grown Up Geek
iCloud Login

When iCloud is properly configured, you don't really have to "go" anywhere.. You just use your apps.. For example, to see what iCloud email you have, you just open the Mail App. To see what iBooks you have, you open the iBooks app.

However, iCloud does not share non-iBook Store/iTunes Store iBooks. To sync iBooks/PDFs downloaded directly, turn on iBook sync in iTunes.
iBooks you have purchased via the iBook Store should always be available to you.

Peter Gilham and Denise Thomas (not verified)
Re: iCloud Login - How To
Our iPad repeatedly asks for a password to do with the iCloud feature. This is related to a btinternet.com e-mail address. I do not think we need the iCloud service and so I would like to switch it off and so stop the requests for passwords. However, the device does contain various photos, addresses etc. which we need to keep. If I press the "Delete Account" button mentioned above, does this mean that all this saved data will be deleted? Is there any way that the data can be retained? Another complication is that the machine was originally set up in a rush and we have forgotten the password for iCloud.
photo of member named
insert witty description here
I am a Grown Up Geek
Re: iCloud Login - How To

There is no need to remove iCloud completely, you can simply turn off the part that's asking for the password (email).. You can do that by going into your mail/contacts accounts settings screen, and under that account, "switch off" whichever piece is asking for the password.. if you arent sure you can turn them off one at a time. Turning these options off won't delete anything on your device.

A better way is probably to just get your icloud password! Just go to appleid.apple.com and click "reset password", and follow the instructions..

Bennie Singleton (not verified)
Log out of iCloud
I was using my daughter's pc and it changes my icloud over to hers how can I change it back.

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