iHeartRadio - How To Tag A Song and UN-Favorite a station??

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I've been using iHeartRadio on my iPhone and i love it! But, there are two things that i just can't figure out:
1) how do i "tag" a song? I don't really want to tag anything, but it's driving me crazy that I can't see how/where to tag something!
2) How do I remove a station from my favorites list? It's easy to add a station to the favorites, but how in the heck do you remove a station from favorites??

It's rare that I cant figger something out on my own, so I am humbled to ask all the GuGee's this.. Please go easy on me.

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Re: iHeartRadio - How To Tag A Song and UN-Favorite a station??
How do you play tagged songs
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How To Remove iHeartRadio Favorites

hopefully this satisfies 2):

the favorites feature allows you to build a list of favorite stations, but there is no way to remove a station from your favorites list without deleting the app and re syncing it to iTunes to reload the app onto the phone.


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