Im really a sucker for.....

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Im really a sucker for.....

 Finish the sentance...


Im really a sucker for___________.




 Ok here goes mine...


Im really a sucker for PURSES!

I love, love, love PURSES!!! any color, material, brand...

Why?? Hummmm.... maybe because im a GIRL! i donno.. I just love to collect them.. My fav is Louis Vuitton Purses... Yes I'm crazy... =) I probaly have at least 20-30 purses.. & one day i'll get to pass them on to my lil one (no i dont have kids, yet) 





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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Shoes!!! Heels, flip flops,wedges, ankle straps, patent leather, red, black, plaid................I gotta have them!!!!!!!!!!  I could sit on zappos for HOURS just looking at shoesssssssssssssss...............(purses come in a close second and of course...........clothes!!!!!!!)


Bad attitude.......Cute Shoes.........Things even out. :)

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

DITTO.. I can't get enough. I love Sandals are my worst affliction, especially strappy sandals... oooh... and boots, I love boots.... 

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

......ugly purses. they grow on me. plus, no one else will show up at the same event with your purse & they are a great conversation piece. must match. i'm a freak about that.

......bangles and earings. matchy-matchy ones.

.....hats & scarves are a must in the fall & winter.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

The store "Express", i simply CANNOT pass one without going in and making a purchase. Whether it's a shirt, pants, skirt, or a simple tank top, I love love love their style and quality of clothes.

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Old Navy.  I love that store.  I almost always buy something there when I go, even if I need it or not...  


Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Material thing---> Hmm....TARGET.  that store nails me every time.  i go in for one thing, come out with a shopping cart FULL.

Non-material ---> GUILT.  gawd, i have a problem w/that.  for example, even if every sane person would say no to someone for something i will feel guilty and say yes.  i'm gettin a backbone though, slowly but surely. 

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

We have the same issues... lol I L-O-V-E Target!  I love their tops they have, especially for summer now... :)  I got a cool tank top from there, black with silver stars.  


And guilt.. yup, I feel the same way.  I feel guilty when people ask me for a favor and I almost always say yes, even if i don't want to.  I think I will join you in trying to get a backbone, though it's been really difficult for me! 



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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

I Love Target!!!! no lines.. organized wayy better than Wal-mart!

yup.. go in for one item come out with ten! 


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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

The Old Navy, GAP, AmericanEagle, purses, and shoes Kiss I am such a sucker for shoes!! I have a whole closet full of shoes!!

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

 For shopping. I have a serious problem. I can't leave ANY store without buying SOMETHING. It drives my family and my Sweetness crazy! I probably have over 50 pairs of shoes, and 75 purses and counting because I saw this really cute purse as I was walking past Nine



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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

I buy way too many dresses! I can't even wear them to work, and they are too nice to wear on casual occasions. I have had some for years and still have not taken the tags off. Even so I buy more. In fact today I bought two.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Ok, so I am the only one answering the question without a shop, but I'm a sucker for travel. Being able to see the world, absorb different cultures, see the most beautiful sites... I've seen 9 countries already and hope to see many, many more in my lifetime. I just got back from overseas, actually...

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....


Oh we now so have a Travel and Leisure forum and I know we would love to hear about the different countries. Some of the stops you have made and things you have seen (good and bad).



Thats a great idea . I started a new page for talking about all the places we go. I also left it open for any questions you or anyone else might have about my personal travels, so go check it out everyone! And tell us about your travel passions and what you have seen! 

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

I'm a sucker for makeup.......

I seriously.... have way more than I'll ever need or wear................. I... just HAVE to have it......

Lately I've been obsessed with MAC makeup... 

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....


my faves are my black velvet gucci stillettos, my zanotti's from my wedding, my jewelled rene covilla sandals...and for black leather dior slingbacks...i'm a shoe whore

but i'd like to give honorable mention in "i'm a sucker for" to target ( i could spend hours there) and bloomingdale's. 

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Clothes-wise? This is a tough one, but I'd say quirky, one-of-a-kind items that are impossible to find anywhere. You'll see them on somebody else and really want something like it for yourself, but be unable to locate it even on eBay. Sad. Shoes and accessories, mostly - a fanged necklace, or green glitter Mary-Janes, things like that.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

smiles!!! I could be pissed of at you, but if you laugh or smile ( A genuine, why are you mad at me smile, this is stupid. Not a sarcastic, hahaha i hate you smile) I will laugh or smile with you with my big dimples, we talk about the situation and things are good again. A smile for me also works when I'm sad, frustrated, or in any type of bad mood (cramps are en exception).

Now mine isn't materialistic because I'm not materialistic (well sometimes) but I don't have one Item i obsess over to the point where I HAVE to have it, my mom and dad raised me well...then again growing up with 4 kids in the house you don't always get everything you want.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Candles!!! I love candles. They can be warm, inviting, beautiful, refreshing, relaxing. Theres never a time i walk by a candle and not pick one up.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....


Animals. I have a major bleeding hippie-heart for animals. I can't even watch Animal Planet because 99% of what they show is abused animals. That sht kills me.


I'm smiling. That alone should scare you. :)


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