laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

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laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

I have a hp pavilion dv2000 laptop.  Suddenly the onboard keyboard and mouse stopped functioning.  Before this happened, my son was reading using Microsoft Word and leaving the program on even overnight because he said it was on its last use*, and he had forgotten on vista how to open a rtf file with wordpad.  I am mentioning this possible relationship to the computer keyboard/mouse malfunction and Word because when i googled the issue, another person just 2 wks ago had posted the same exact problem happening on hp pavilion laptop after leaving Word up overnight, but unfortunately as to date her post is not resolved.  So all that aside here is what I have done so far:

Restored to an earlier date
Performed spyware and antivirus scans
Uninstalled Microsoft Word
Performed a Hardware Driver reinstallation on the mouse

Mouse hardware properties reads this device is not working code 10 but researching that code has led me nowhere; keyboard hardware properties reads the device is working properly

After performing the Hardware Driver reinstallation on the mouse, the system prompted to restart then stuck on the black Microsoft Corp screen with loading bar loading, became frozen for an hour (I thought it may take the driver awhile to reinstall so i did not interrupt the startup.  Finally I powered it off, and it performed a repair startup, prompted me to restore to an earlier date and the mouse and keyboard are still not working.  Any ideas? (it is all keys and I have checked for stuck keys, a usb port wireless mouse works fine)

*The Microsoft Word program always prompted for the key code (once I tried to enter the keycode that came with the computer for this program and it said invalid code, at that time i shrugged it off and decided to install word perfect which I already had the disc for, but I never did perform this install on the computer)



Re: laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

Ok I have been all over the web and finally found a genius on another board (go figure, since we know GUGs are the smartest :D) with a simple fix that worked for me.  Hope it will help anyone who comes to this site with the same question since apparently, I found in all of my googling today, that it is a very common issue and there are so many answers that can cause a person to hurt their computer worse. 

Magic Fix:

Shut down the computer
Unplug the power cord
Take the battery out for a few minutes
Replace the battery and start the computer
Problem fixed
Plug in power cord

Worked for me, hope it works for you


and the credit goes to:









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Re: laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

well i'm bummed no one was able to step up to the plate and help you waborita. but i am happy you found a fix - - and thanks for sharing it w/us here.


Re: laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

you have no idea how happy I was for that fix, did not care where it came from at that point lol

Normal people worry me

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Re: laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working

That doesn't really make any sense, but it worked for me!
A friend of mine has an HP G60 laptop running vista premium, the keyboard and mouse stopped working
for her, the keyboard would only work at the welcome login screen, once you login than neither the mouse nor
the keyboard would work, I could get the keyboard working again if I rolled back or updated the keyboard drivers
but once I'd reboot it would go back to not working with the changed drivers.
followed those steps as described, shut down, removed the battery for a few minutes, started back up, keyboard
and mouse working fine again. Thanks alot. :)

Re: laptop mouse and keyboard stopped working
I had this problem because my laptop didnt snapped into my docking station right. After I pulled off the laptop and put it back everything was working good.

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