MagicJack for cell phones

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just saw Magic Jack on yahoo. you can connect your cell to the interent without using your plans minutes. looks like verizon and sprint customers might be out of luck on this one though.

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Re: MagicJack for cell phones
is anybody still using Magic Jack for this?
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Re: MagicJack for cell phones
I hope my account works normally
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Re: MagicJack for cell phones

wow that looks cool. i just passed along the info to a friend with poor cellular service at their house. thanks Smile

i'm surprised no one made a thread about the electronics and gadgets convention that just took place in las vegas.


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Re: MagicJack for cell phones
Yahoo wrote:

The device then detects when a compatible cell phone comes within 8 feet, and places a call to it.

8 feet?! Geeze - you gotta be sitting on top of the thing practically.. not a bad idea though- i was planning on getting an AT&T Femtocell for our iPhones because we have very low signal where we live.. maybe i'll try this instead.

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Re: MagicJack for cell phones

Sounds like the 8 foot rulke is only for the inital connect. It goes on to say "The phone is then linked to the magicJack, and as long as it's within range (YMax said it will cover a 3,000-square-foot home) magicJack routes the call itself, over the Internet, rather than going through the carrier's cellular tower."

Sounds pretty spiffy... or should i say ... snazzy? (i made a funny Tongue)

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