How To Make A Facebook Tracker

I am a programmer, and I have notified Facebook about this loophole, but they have not responded. It works, and I have tested.

This would be more of a Facebook Profile Counter than an actual Facebook Tracker and I am putting this information out there SOLELY so another developer who wants to make the time to build it for others can do so easily... The information this gives you is the EXACT time someone views your Facebook profile, but you can not tell who. I have done some brainstorming of how to use this information to figure out who the viewer is and it is possible, but requires a developer to setup a controlled test.Facebook Tracker counter data

In the controlled test you must do the following:
1. Setup a Master Facebook account with 50 fake friends who you can control not to view your profile unless instructed.
2. Use the profile Counter/time stamps as I will describe after the control test to use a web-request to connect to Face Book and refresh the following 3 areas storing the results in a database for a future query.
- Fiends that show up on your profile when you view it yourself (These appear to update 3x's a week but always use the same sets
- FIND FRIENDS (On the Facebook search bar you type find friends, and you will notice the names that show up under the suggested friend tend to be who you have the most interaction with)
- CHAT Friends listed when it is in off mode (The list of friends in off mode are weighted to show more with the people who you chat with, viewed your profile, and they viewed yours)

By running these controls and keeping in a database, you can tell with a high likely hood by selecting 5 fake friends out of the 50 and check the Master profile 1 x each week in rotation.

...You asked for it, but that will give you the ONLY legitimate way to decipher the Facebook algorithm of the query. Results are weighted and randomized in Facebook, but you can have an app refresh the data 50 times very quickly and sort by highest results by the people that appear the most, and that gives you your answer.

Developers here is how the counter works: Facebook stores all images that are uploaded on their site, so you lose all control of them except in 1 scenario... On application posts, the image is taken from the URL you supply in the API. You simply post ANY post to the master profile with a image sequence (i.e as the post image. On your server you can extract from your server log when that image is downloaded...

This will count views on a NEWS feed as a Download, so the first 48 hours after a post need the data needs to be discarded... After that anytime profile_1234.jpg is downloaded, that is a UNIQUE view on that profile (The image will be stored in the users cache afterwards so it will no longer re-download until the user closes the browser and re-opens).

I told you it wasn't simple, but I would put my knowledge of Facebook security openings up against anyone, along with their API loop holes and everything else. This is undocumented, and the ONLY way I am aware of to expose a Facebook profile view. To date Facebook has not corrected this loophole, which in order to fix requires them to re-write application posts store images, which at best is a 6 month window until deployment, but it is likely they will not bother since the amount of work that went into this tracking app makes it unrealistic anyone will attempt... Hope someone takes on the challenge, but anyone else that claims their is some secret way they know of, I would be glad to challenge them on that, as most don't have the mental/technical ability that comprehends the issues that must be overcame to succeed with a profile exposing app..


Yes, obviously you read the page that he linked to, so just download the program from that page.

So is there a download for this that I can access?

LOTS of people making claims, but so far, 0 that we've found. See this page: Real Facebook Trackers or scams?

So as of Oct. 2012 there is not a way to see who views your Facebook profile?

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