My friend can't see my posts on my wall??

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I went to my friends place and I was like "did you see the new pics on my FaceBook page?" and he said no so he got on his computer and he went to my FaceBook page (which has a timeline btw) and ... nothing was on my wall for ALL of July... from June and before, the posts are there.. but no recent things for almost a month! and i just went to my settings and everything is set to "Friends" my friend and I are deffinately friends on FaceBook..

why can't he see my posts on my wall?

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Re: My friend can't see my posts on my wall??

hey guys. I just had the same issue. and searched for answers found no help. in the end after going through my settings. I viewed facebook as....(friends name) and it showed me my friend was restricted.

so I went to settings>privacy>blocking>restricted list and unticked him. ALL FIXED NOW Smile

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Re: My friend can't see my posts on my wall??

Tell your friend to do this:

1. Go to your wall.
2. Select friends list.
3. Select friend. Click "Friends" button.
4. Click "Settings".
5. Select "All Updates".

If they don't have you in a group, Facebook may not subscribe them to your posts.

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