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I just wanted to say that yesterday, when I went to login to my myspace, I originally typed in 'myspace' on google to go to myspace from there. So, where did it take me? It took me to what looked like a myspace login page, EXCEPT that the background was about music and obviously was not the 'official' myspace page, but someone's idea of a myspace login page. I tried it in Firefox and I tried from my MSN. Same results.

Finally, I opened up a new browser page, went through my history and clicked on a myspace page that I have visited in the past. From there, I clicked on Home (at the top of every myspace page) and it took me to the login page (the official one). On this login page there wasn't any special background music layouts or anything, just the normal white background.

I should say that I also checked the url to be sure it said 'login', like you are supposed to. The unofficial myspace page url looked the same as the official one.

Anyway, I logged in and was good from there. I changed my myspace password again just to be safe. May be I was just having a difficult time yesterday and it seems I'm having one again today.




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Re: Myspace Login Page
I am using Blackberry i needed to log in myspace,but when i log in after setting in my email and password it says i have inserted wrong password and i never have Myspace account before please help me who ever had the same problem before
dan (not verified)
Re: Myspace Login Page
i can not signin (to get on myspace for music search)
Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: Myspace, block a from my all my info
how do you block a person from all year my space info. i have a stalker and he has linked me to his face book ????????? I did not give out personal info. I wqant to block him and the link as well.
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Re: Myspace Login Page


Anonymous Visitor
Re: Myspace Login Page

get a life & get off myspace. duh

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Myspace Login Page

i cant get on myspace

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Myspace Login Page

Its crazy ..nothing like face book or yahoo. you can find mr there ay

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Re: Myspace Login Page

i had the same experiece too i just gave up

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