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In all areas of the website, the following is not permitted:

  • Posts regarding illegal activity, or requests for information pertaining to anything illegal
  • Posts requesting to "hack" anyone in any way
  • Posts that violate the privacy or well-being of others
  • Posts regarding illegal password cracking or illegally accessing any system
  • Posts or content including images or video that are hateful, overly distasteful, lewd, X-rated, obscene, offensive, or pornographic
  • Posts regarding gambling or gambling related websites
  • Solicitation of services in any form or "spamming" - including promoting websites or other services
  • Posts that contain any copyrighted material, including photographs, software code, Javascript code, or anything else that you do not own the right to re-distribute
  • "Hotlinking" to images hosted on other sites that do not explicitly allow linking to images (such as ImageShack)
  • Copying & pasting is not permitted, however in certain cases (such as news-stories) it may be allowed if a link to the source is provided

If you choose to violate these rules your post may be deleted or you may be banned from our site.

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