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Hi. I'm a novice with computers with a penchant for fiddling around.Had a good old fiddle a while ago and now my Windows XP has no Help Files or Search facilities.

I also tinkered in Outlook Express (something about dbx.files) and now everytime I open Outlook Express,I get an error message that says "Cannot delete ntuser.dat as it is being used etc. Now,what on earth is a dat.file, How do I open dat.files and how do I get rid of the annoying Outlook Express Startup error message?

My tinkering has far outrun my computer skills,so I would love to hear from some kind person who understands computers (and perhaps obssessive compulsive disorders).THanks.

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Re: ntuser.dat File

There is a discussion about the NTUSER.DAT file here: NTUSER.DAT .
Basically, NTUSER.DAT is the file that holds all of your user-profile settings. It's used internally by Windows, and is not the type of file you can really 'open' and do anything with.

As to your error about NTUSER.DAT in Outlook Express - i have no idea how in the world that would happen. So without more info on what exactly you did while tinkering, i'm clueless.

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