Can police track a FaceBook message back to my computer?

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I just found out a friend of mine has been using my computer to send messages to people from fake accounts to get back at her boyfriend. Apparently she threatened no one but her boyfriend's friend is a police officer and he says he has a cyber detective looking into this and that if the messages are traced back to my computer I will be arrested. Is this true?

Don't the police need a search warrant before they can trace messages? The fake account was deleted but I know the info is still saved on FaceBook servers. I am just worried.

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Re: Can police track a FaceBook message back to my computer?
Threatening people is not cool, but if one does not act on it it is just a threat. One can get a restraining order, but it is not a big deal. If you break the restraining order, that is another question. One cannot under any circumstance threaten the commander and chief of the US. This is grounds for immediate incarceration. A woman threatening a man is laughable. There is not a judge in the world that would do anything. If your friend acts on something, that is a different story. Words are words. That is it.
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Re: Can police track a FaceBook message back to my computer?

So here is my question: arrested for WHAT? usually, to be arrested you have to have broken the law or at least be accused (with SOME evidence) of breaking the law.. No one was threatened... sooo.. what's the threatened charge?

Anyway, to answer your question:
Facebook can/will give IP information if ordered by a judge or if the information is requested by law enforcement (as per Facebook's public policy) - so, sure, it is possible that the "friend" could get your IP address ..

But.. your IP address is pretty much useless unless he can show that your IP matches the IP at the time those (law breaking??) messages were sent. and, to do that, he will have to go to your ISP, who will be much more tight with your information - almost guaranteeing the need for a judge's court-order. and i can imagine no judge willing to hand over your Constitutionally protected private information over "messages to get back at someone's boyfriend" ..

So, however technically possible, I would highly, HIGHLY doubt you have anything to worry about. Seems to me, that if you got arrested over a personal vendetta, the officer and the department that he works for would be open to MUCH more trouble when you sue the sh**t out of them for false arrest, harassment, etc.

Oh - if the part about not making threats isnt true, all bets are off.. you're going down..

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