Project Playlist - Gaia or BB Coding problems

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Problems or questions with your Project Playlist on Gaia?  Post your questions here and let the geeks help!  To post a new topic/question, CLICK HERE.

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Re: Project Playlist - Gaia or BB Coding problems

i dont know how to download music into my gaia playlists from chips or anything for FREE!

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Re: Project Playlist - Gaia or BB Coding problems

plzzzzz get meh the stuff i want and plzzzzz help meh figure out how 2 do this plzzz

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Re: Project Playlist - Gaia or BB Coding problems

Mine looks normal, you should check the sizes of your tables.. Just a suggestion.

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Re: Project Playlist - Gaia or BB Coding problems

I haven't changed the songs on my playlist for a while, and haven't changed my Gaia profile in ages.  However, I use the exact same playlist on MySpace, and I redid my whole profile there on Friday.  In doing so, I had to pull and replace the playlist code, because the purple playlist didn't look right on the yellow background.  Anyway, when I first put the code into Myspace and saved it, it looked like that.  However, I reloaded a few times, while making other profile changes, and it was back to normal by the time I was done.  

Don't know if that means anything, but it leads me to believe it's a problem with Project Playlist itself, not the code we're using.   


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