How to remove CSS encoding

How to view a Myspace profile or blog with all CSS elements removed

You can easily view hidden Myspace comments, hidden details on Myspace profiles, or other hidden items on a Myspace profile that you have access to by removing the CSS styling and encoding.
This will reveal all items that have been hidden by using CSS encoding. You can view a page without any CSS elements or styling by using a feature that is included in Firefox. This tip does not work with Internet Explorer because it does not have the option to view a page with CSS sytle and data encoding removed. If you don't have Firefox, it is available for free from Google. Click HERE for Firefox info.

Open Firefox and go to the page you want to view (See this page for Firefox if you dont have it ) With the page showing in Firefox, select VIEW (from the menu), then PAGE STYLE, then click NO STYLE All CSS elements and encoding should now be removed, leaving only the basic HTML elements. If any data was hidden by using CSS it will now be visible. When you're done reading the page, select VIEW, PAGE STYLE, and click BASIC PAGE STYLE to make all the other web-pages you view look normal again

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bhaskar jyoti laskar (not verified)
Re: How to remove CSS from Myspace
i cannot edit my Myspace profile because when i try to edit it always show css is not allowed in this filed and will be removed. CAN Somebody help me how can i edit my profile?
Member for 7 years 43 weeks
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Re: How to remove CSS encoding

this doesnt work any more does it?

Member for 9 years 2 weeks
GuG-Points: 156
Re: How to remove CSS encoding

yes, it works 

icydragon129 wrote:

this doesnt work any more does it?

from england
Member for 8 years 11 weeks
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helpp me plzzzzzzzz w.b

I know that there is a code that allows you to view private myspace pages. Even though people say that Myspace has fixed the problem, there are still some people who still are able to do it. Will someone please give me the code, even if you think it doesn't work anymore!

Member for 9 years 5 weeks
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im confuused….there are 2 people whose profiles are private, using the codes to check their friends…i notice one of them has the other on the list, but the other one doesnt have it on hers….so r they still friends?? how do you kno….how is this possible???? anyone, please answer please if you do not mind!!

Member for 9 years 7 weeks
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Like I have said before the

Like I have said before the code DOES NOT show you all their friends,look at the number of friends ie 15 of 40 then count how many it shows you on each page you view, and it won't add up to the same, I have viewed all the pages but I still can't see all of their friends,Geek can you help with this, it would also be great to see their top friends, as this code does not show you what position they are in,

Oh and love the new logo x

I am Not Telling from 7th Circle of the Inferno
Member for 9 years 6 weeks
GuG-Points: 941
The code does show all of

The code does show all of the friends the problem is with myspace, when you delete friends it doesn't always update the total number of friends on your list. So if it says the person has 65 friends and you only count 42 that means the others were deleted not that the code is keeping something from you.

Member for 9 years 8 weeks
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Online status

I just want to know how to hide my online status. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

from ohio,cincinnati,US
Member for 8 years 24 weeks
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Re: Online status

go to account setting then click on privacy setting then scroll down you will see hide online now the click the box and thats it

Anonymous (not verified)
i can't do it.

i just tried to view my private profile (while i was logged out) on mozilla firefox in the "no style" mode. however, all it did was change some fonts and the way the page layout was placed. i still couldn't see anything useful.

I am Luvin TheGuG
Member for 9 years 10 weeks
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view private profile

For the bazillionth time! READ people, READ! This method WILL NOT LET YOU SEE A PRIVATE PROFILE!

Viewing a profile with CSS removed will allow you to view HIDDEN ITEMS ON a PROFILE - it will not allow you to view a private profile, and does not say that anywhere! there are 20 other posts here saying the same thing!!

evilstars (not verified)
to see a private profile

I really need to see my husbands profile, he has taken me off of his friends list and set his profile to private. I need to know what is going on. How can a view a profile if the user has it set to private.

gotuhhell (not verified)
Myspace Private Profile

This is whack. I don't think there IS a code to view private profiles. >.>

Anonymous (not verified)
viewing private comments

there is a way to view comments from a private profile; simply copy there friend ID, click edit profile then select SAFE EDT MODE, there you will see a few tabs click comments and at the top enter there friend ID

however does anyone know how to view pictures? i'd greatly appreciate it =D

Member for 8 years 13 weeks
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Re: viewing private comments

where is the SAFE EDT MODE located...i can't find it!!!

Shelly M
from Texas!!! The Lone Star State
Member for 8 years 20 weeks
GuG-Points: 1
Re: viewing private comments

Were you able to find this? I wasn't either and I cant seem to get this to work. I'm trying to see pictures and comments. Sad

Anonymous (not verified)
You are amazing...thanks so

You are amazing...thanks so much for the help!!! Now only to find out what's written in the profile.

Jazmine (not verified)
Enter the ID where??

Enter the ID where??

Shayyynuhhh (not verified)
Private profiles

How can you veiw private profiles? Someone please if you do not mind. help me?

Anonymous (not verified)
Who is looking at my profile?

How can I tell who views my profile?

Anonymous (not verified)
private profile

there is this girl who is supposidly saying mean things about me on her myspace, but its set to private. how can i see her profile without being her friend?

Anonymous (not verified)
How to delete myspace sent messages ?

How do you delete sent messages that have not been 'read' after they have been accidently sent to someone's myspace?

WeeZy (not verified)
Myspace Message Status: Unread

Hi everyone, i was j/w if there was a way to read a message but make the status remain unread. It's really important to me, i think my girl is cheatin, and yes i kno her password, but if i read her new messages she will know someone has been on her name. I know yall dont care about me or my girlfriend, but its really important to me. so if it is possible, could someone let me know?

Anonymous (not verified)
Myspace messages: read it then delete it

read it then delete it she'll never know she got the message and if her friend wonders why she didn't respond she will probably think it was an error or glitch

Anonymous (not verified)
your girlfriend

ok dude who cares what people send hur just look at sent messages because those cant be labeled as read or unread

chadilac16 (not verified)

no way you can really do that. i've been in the same possition as you, and there is no REAL way to find out if your girl is cheating or not.
the only thing i can sugest is that you take a risk by opening it.
if she actually is cheating on you, then she really cant get mad at you for opening it, but ya know, after that, who really cares, right?
but if you do open it and you found out it was just a false alarm, you gotta look out for yourself after that one.

Just another hacker (not verified)
view hidden comments/ steal myspace layouts

When a person has hidden their comments/friends but their profile is still public, go to view source, there it will provide you with the html scripting for their page, not only can you steal html from their layouts...if you follow the script you will find their url to "viewcomments" view all, viola...there you can see it, same goes for view friends....

There's always a way to see somethings even private profiles...sometimes there are certain glitches/temporary weakness in the systyem that have let me view private profiles, though the glitches never tend to last long, so I make the most of that period...

Anonymous (not verified)
Private Myspace blogs

Is there a way to view private blogs? The firefox thing only lets you view hidden comments, but I need to view a private blog. Any ideas?

from oregon
Member for 8 years 12 weeks
GuG-Points: 1
Re: Private Myspace blogs

do you know how??

email me at [email protected]

Moderator EDIT: Your email has been removed for your own protection.  please enable to contact form in your profile instead! 

L (not verified)

The WHOLE point of myspace and to meet people and to network...etc......SO WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE SET THEIR PROFILES TO PRIVATE????Its meant to be a public profile......If people are that concerned with the wierdos of the world then dont put personal info on there.......DUH!!!!Youre defeating the purpose people!!!!

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