resetting Voicemail password for boostmobile

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Hi everyone you all can just refer to me as angel. Im trying to reset my password for my boostmobile phone without calling customer service because I bought this phone from a tweeker who turned around after selling it to me and called customer service and changed my voicemail password back to their own. Now i dont know any ss#or really anything about them just that I meet them at a friends they offered me a good deal on a phone and I took it. Is there anyone out there that can help me out? Also does anyone know how to back up data on a motorola Boostmobile phone? Data such as deleted texts and calls.

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Contact for Boost Mobile Support

This question has been moved here: contact info for Boost Mobile Support?

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Re: resetting Voicemail password for boostmobile
so basically you have a stollen phone and you are asking for help how to actually use it? good luck!
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Re: resetting Voicemail password for boostmobile
thats unfortunate I paid for my boost mobile with a receipt for over 200 dollars and dont have a password for wifi and cannot get anyone on the phone to help me pitiful

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