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Summer's coming, and even though I SWORE not to tan anymore (due to all the cancer talk), I'm back in the beds, getting that beautiful skin color I love so much.  BUT I've yet to find the PERFECT tanning lotion.  I ordered some from lotionbarn.com, but I've never tried it before.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Tanning Lotions

I've never tried a tanning bed but do know a few friends who have, they like it cause it's quick with no fuss or muss. Me, I prefer the natural sun with a decent sunscreen, spf15 or more.

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Re: Tanning Lotions
I never tried it before.. But i think it will work fine...
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Re: Tanning Lotions

i do not tan in beds. gave it up about 12 years ago. some people still prefer it over the natural sun. just remember that in exchange for the golden glow, the body is negatively affected. tanning beds emit from 50% to 100% the amount of UV rays than from natural sunlight, you would be safer lying out on the beach for a few hours. 

whatever you choose, try something with a sunscreen in it. avoid the accelerants. they (accelerants) contain tyrosine derivatives and amino acid tyrosine, both which are ineffective and have the possibility of being dangerous. i hate that the manufacturers push these products while the FDA has not even approved them. be safe!

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Re: Tanning Lotions

I like Shrine by Designer Skin.  It is both a bronzer and tingler.  Pretty much any lotion I have used by Designer Skin, I have liked; but Shrine has, thus far, been one of my favorites.  

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