The BEST car polish / wax - Zaino

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The BEST car polish / wax - Zaino

My last few cars have been on the 'high-end' side, so I've always tried to keep them looking as nice as possible. I've gone through half-a-dozen or more waxes and polishes until i found, what is IMHO the best one out there - "Zaino" ..

I found Zaino ( after reading about it on several "show car" forums. The people that use it (and the manufacturer) claim it gives the "wettest" and "deepest" shine, and most people that have tried it swear by it.

Zaino isnt a "wax", it's some kind of polymer concoction that leaves no powder residue like most waxes, goes on easy, and comes off even easier - BUT, it does require "layering", so total application time can spread over a day.. or two..

I first started using it about 6 years ago, and once I tried it, i never went back to old-fashioned waxes. Zaino did give the deepest and 'wettest' look and smoother feel than anything else i'd ever used. It also beaded water better and lasted longer.

I know that most people are almost religious about their car-care products, especially the wax/polish that they use - so i'm curious if anyone else uses or has tried Zaino, or if you have another product that you swear by..

PS - if you have tried the Zaino "system" you know it can be a bit confusing (which parts to use in what order, waiting between applications, etc).. I've been using it a long time so if you have questions you can post them here and i'll try to answer them.



Re: The BEST car polish / wax - Zaino

zaino is indeed an excellent wax. as is zymol. husband has used both. not sure of his preference.

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Zaino vs Zymol

A lot of people swear by Zymol - It think they assume that at $150/jar it MUST be better (but they're wrong).. but dont get me wrong, Zaino isnt cheap either.

Here is link to a comparison of Zaino and Zymol performed by a Zymol zealot:

   Zymol vs Zaino

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Re: Zaino vs Zymol

Thank you for taking the time for the test. I was hesitant about purchasing the Zaino in kit form as it is pricey, but I have a new car and want to keep it in good shape. I think I'll invest in the Zaino

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Re: The BEST car polish / wax - Zaino

Hi friend .i ordered zfx zaino all in one z2 z6 z8 z7 and z zc .i dont know how to use it .how many coats shall i put in one day

Re: Zaino wax polish

make sure you read through all the instructions. Because Zaino is not a 'wax' and has no carnuba, you can put on as many coats per day as you have time for. Just make sure you let it 'cure' properly as you apply each coat.


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