Is there a tool available to find someones hidden profiles ie. ihookup, tagged, etc??

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Excuse my stupidity but I am lost and googling this has not helped at all.. I paid 29.99 for a site that claimed to do this and it must have been a scam.. I know fora fact he has a tagged account attached to the email address I typed in (I am positive because I know the password to the tagged account) and under his own name and this site claimed to have searched tagged and not found anything. He is a serial cheater and I just don't have all the proof I need to confront him.. I know he has other accounts just haven't been able to find them. He deletes the cookies and the history I resolved this by installing a keylogger and he avoided that by now using one of his friends computers while at college.

Long story short my question is- is there a proven site, application, tool, or whatever that can search his name to find any hidden profiles? I can search his email address but he is constantly making new ones so that's not a sure thing..

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a tool available to find someones hidden email
I know my girl has another email and dating profile and i can't find it. What is the best search engine to find out all her emails?
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find someones hidden profile
You know what, I have the same exact problem going on. About 2 months ago I found all kinds of profiles for him dating all kinds of information online for him now today i'm lucky to find his name online and I know he's online using his phone. I can't even locate an email address and I know for a fact he does have a google and yahoo account but I can't find nothing he's in stealth mode so good that nothing comes up and I can't figure this out.
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Re: find someones hidden profile
If you don't know his online names or email addresses that he's using, you will never find any of his profiles. You might have to get extra sneaky and look at his email or the web history on his phone. Or, you could just ask him about it and tell him you are worried.
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Re: Is there a tool available to find someones hidden ...

Short answer: NO
There is no tool that can magically bypass private settings, etc, to find things that you can't find yourself.

There are some good tools like that can save you a LOT of time by searching EVERYTHING out there - but even it cannot find a profile/page hidden from the public or locked-down. It MIGHT find older info that has since been locked-down, hidden, or deleted, but otherwise nothing you cant find on your own if you look hard/long enough.

But, any good cheater isn't going to use his real name or info and that makes it even more difficult.

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Re: Is there a tool available to find someones hidden ...
lol unfortunately for him he is a terrible cheater. The only thing he knows how to do is delete cookies and history. He uses the same username on almost every account and for his email addresses always uses some variation of his name and the date of his birth.. The icing on the cake?? ALWAYS uses one of two passwords... I didn't want to find literally hidden profiles I meant hidden as in they don't come up when you google his name or his email address.. if they aren't public I don't care, it's the active profiles he's using that I'm looking for.. I appreciate your time!! Smile
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Re: Is there a tool available to find someones hidden ...
There is a tool available which will solve all your problems,it is called the elbow application it involves telling the cheater to go,leave,relationship has been terminated,travel froth into the sunset or any other terminology you might prefer to use. Although the tool does not reveal any hidden information,when applied it makes all such information academic and of no further practical use. Remember he cheated not you.Stop suffering ,let him suffer. I hope this is of some help to you. Good Luck

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