Tips for better Teeth

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Tips for better Teeth

I am in Dental College -  so someone asked me to make a thread about tips for dental hygiene Cool


The basics for caring for your Teeth

To have good oral health, it is vital to brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and floss one time daily, more flossing if needed. We've all heard that said but do you really do it?? Or do you slack off and not take care of your teeth the way you know you should?
Plaque is the cause of most problems. The key is to remove it before it builds up and causes problems. That's why you need to brush and floss. It's that simple. Why not take just a few minutes out of your day to take proper care of your teeth - rather than to regret later that you didn't - when you are sitting in a dentist chair and hear the bad news that you need some dental treatment? You will be sitting there the whole time thinking "If only I had..."

Tips for Brushing:

  • Brush at least twice daily but not more than 3 times a day. Because that can make your gums recede.
  • Don't brush too hard because it can also cause gums to recede. Brush lightly!!
  • Brush for two minutes - There are 4 quadrants in your mouth - top left/bottom left - top right/bottom right. Each quadrant needs to be brushed lightly for 30 seconds -  equaling two minutes for whole mouth each brushing session. You can buy special electronic toothbrushes that also have a timer that beeps every 30 seconds. Don't forget to brush around the last tooth in the back of your mouth. You will need to slightly close mouth around the toothbrush to reach that back tooth properly.
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent damage to gum tissue.
  • Try to maintain the same schedule for brushing each day - to help you stay in the right groove and for keeping up a good technique.
  • Get a new toothbrush every few months. If your toothbrush bristles are messing up quickly then you need to back off and start brusing more easily.

*If using a whitening toothpaste  - remember that it will increase senstitivity in the teeth. However - now you can get toothpaste that contains teeth whitening and sensitivity "helper" in the same toothpaste tube.

Tips for Flossing:

  • Floss once a day - more if needed
  • Relax - don't go too fast
  • Use plenty of floss so that you can get each side of a tooth cleaned properly. Don't reuse a secion that has already been used - ewwwwww!!
  • Pick out the kind of floss that works best for you. If your teeth are closer together - you may decide to use waxed floss. Satin floss is my favorite.

*Follow up with mouthwash that contains ingredients to fight off gingivitis.



Re: Tips for better Teeth

excellent thread! having spent a small fortune the past 6-9 months and my last surgical procedure today, i welcome such a thread. mini me and i go head to head when i have to inspect her teeth and gums each morning and night to make sure she brushes. she hates to floss! *it is a fight* so i found this fabulous mouthwash for kids that will no longer let her cheat her way out of brushing by getting the tooth brush wet, placing it on the counter next to her tube of crest in an attempt to make me think she brushed! this is the shows where they miss during brushing

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Re: Tips for better Teeth


this is the shows where they miss during brushing



Excellent, can you explain how this works 2na, son of mine needs this too...

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Re: Tips for better Teeth


Excellent, can you explain how this works 2na, son of mine needs this too...[/quote]

after your child brushes, he/she should rinse with this. the product will tint the plaque blue everywhere on the teeth the child missed while brushing. there was a voluntary recall last year on it. i still see it on the store shelves. our hygienist recommended the product just recently. we have no complaints.

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Re: Tips for better Teeth

hey mariaO, do you know anything about the recall i commented on earlier regarding the mouth rinse for kids?

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Re: Tips for better Teeth

Good idea for posting this... I didn't brush or flush as often as I did for... a really long time!!!.. Actually, I never flossed... Ugh, I hated doing it! About a month ago, I went to the dentist.  They drilled my teeth to clean it.. Man, it hurt!! And the dentist found 15 cavities!!!  15 CAVITIES!!  at $125 a pop....  lol  Guess who's going to Mexico instead to get her cavities filled? 




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