Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

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Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

I need to uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor, downloaded 8/07, Tor says it's version, can't tell version of Vidalia (if there is any difference) or Privoxy version. I don't know how to use the programs, I didn't install them, I don't know if they were downloaded together or separately. (They should never have been installed to this computer, though.)

I am running OSX 10.4.11. From what I have read, the uninstall command for Privoxy does not work with OSX 10.4.8 and higher. The following is the information I have found that seems to be the most relevant/instructive. If anyone has done this or knows what they're doing, I would really appreciate any help or advice you can offer!


This seems like the best option, right? If uninstall command doesn't work I can just manually delete those folders?


Is this relevant to me even though he is running OSX 1.5.x?

Caveat: I never mess around with the Terminal!!! I am a software person and I can research the heck outta something online. But systems stuff? Commands? No, not me. I know what it does and all, but this is not my computer. I can not take it to one of my uberGeek IT friends and say "please fix it for me. i am a moron and you are a genius. please!" this is my department's best computer, i can't hand it over to the IT guy b/c then he will take my computer away and I will be stuck staring at a G5 stutter it's way through Lightshop while the IT guy has my MacPro for 3-5 days.

So, please, if you repost with command instructions be really specific, because I don't know it well, k? thanks!

Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

And just as an aside, because I really want to vent, it is totally uncool of a person to install this kind of software onto a computer not personally owned and running on a large network and especially to leave and not clean up their own mess! This person had the tor running automatically, I had no idea it was there until I did an update to OS software and my login started hanging. (I'm pretty sure that's actually a USB problem though.) I found all this crap on the machine when I went looking to fix my problem. Some people may just use their Tor's for their myspace stalking or whatever. But signing your employer up to be part of the tor network which some people use for seriously illegal crap is totally unacceptable. Now I've spent too much time cleaning up for crap they had no business doing here and I have a ton of stuff I really need to get done.

This person better hope I can solve the problem myself. Because if I have to take it to IT he'll have to inform main network security about running the tor's and this person will probably have ruined their career here (because they also stole my bleeping CS2 design package so I can't even re-install as well as some other equipment!) I don't want to ruin their career's but I really do want to lay into them hardcore right now.

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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

If they stole things from you then they NEED to have their career ruined so that they will be less likely in the future to steal from someone else. Just imagine if this crook gets into a MANAGEMENT position! Then, they'd be able to steal everyone blind! Don't let this happen.

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Misuse and abuse of company property in some states is a criminal offense and is always a civil case IF the company addresses the matter..no matter what litigation teams decide..that person SHOULD be terminated without prejudice! I strongly think he/she should have their career destroyed never to work in that field again..stop and think of the similarities of a Pharmacy Technician using street drugs or a police officer abusing force and the list can go on for a long time. Just because the problem can be fixed and the perp get his hands slapped is no guarantee that this person can't or won't do something worse. The message to others who would attempt to try corrupting business networking would most likely to think twice and then reduce the events repeating.
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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

Anonymity isn't a crime

Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

yeah i went in an unlocked some of the folders, i think all of the privoxy ones are assigned to "system." i haven't unlocked all of the folders though, i will make sure to do that, thanks for the tip!

Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

Have you tried using AppZapper? it is an un-install utility to un-install MAC applications. make sure you have the right version for your operating system. this should do the trick. its not free, however, when you sign up, you get 5 or 6 un-installs free.


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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

i haven't tried that, but i will try it tomorrow when i get to work. i've never heard of it before, thanks!

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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!

jeez, thank you

Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Accomplished!

I had to uninstall the files manually, the way it says to do on the torproject.org link I posted originally. So, this is what I did, in case anyone else needs to know how to do this later on. (Note: you have to have administrative access on the computer.)

1. Open terminal session

2. enter the following commands one at a time (hit enter after each line) (it is case sensitive, make sure not to miss the spaces)

sudo rm -rf /Library/Tor
sudo rm -rf /Library/Privoxy
sudo rm -rf /usr/bin/tor
sudo rm -rf /usr/bin/tor_resolve
sudo rm -rf /var/log/tor
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/man/man1/tor.1
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/man/man1/tor-resolve.1
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/man/man1/torify.1
sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/Privoxy.pkg/
sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/privoxyconf.pkg/

sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/Tor.pkg/

sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/torstartup.pkg/
sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/Tor
sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/Privoxy


(after i typed the first command, i had to enter my admin password, but i did not have to re-type the first command )


check your typing with every line before you hit 'Enter' (i copied and pasted from text editor just to make sure i didn't get them wrong.) i was told that the 'sudo' commands can screw stuff up if you type the line incorrectly


3. reboot

4. move to the trash:




5. Now go do something really nice for an IT person because poof! it's gone! The IT folks never get thanked enough and people yell at them all the time. So give give an ITgeek a kiss or buy them a beer or something :)



i had an uberIT geek genius (the same who gave me the full commands to enter into the terminal) on the phone with me while i did this and they were willing to come over to help me if i screwed something up really bad. make sure to check with someone who knows if this will work on your system and with whatever version of tor/privoxy you are running before you do this if you are like me and unfamiliar with (and kinda scared of the power of) the terminal commands

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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!
Theres nothing evil about tor. What seriously illegal crap are you talking about, some people use thier macpros to do all kinds of illegal crap, you better trash yours immediatley, damn and you're car, people do tons of illegal crap in cars. If someone stole your stuff, call the police, they specialize in that kind of thing.
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this statement about TOR being nonsence is really irritating...ever since I've installed vidalia/tor 2 emails have been compromised...HP had to do a remote assistance so their people could get into the disc (files are password protected by TOR) and for a fact I know it was responsible by the public keys that TRIED to access my machine.. My next step was to be prepared to reformat and load an entirely new OS and possibly replace the drive itself...I don't have all that time,grief and money to deal with them....I'm going to warn everyone any way I can to get THAT BROWSER disabled or what ever is is that stops their existence...I'll bet my next years wage that TOR uses the BACKDOOR that's built in to destroy my machine just by posting this blog
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Re: Uninstall Privoxy & Vidalia/Tor; Please Help Me!
Notice the Tor people do not include all the complete steps on their site to totally remove the vidalia package? Hmmm....anyone for a computer hijack? Go look on some of the comments under their blog. Many times they have been told what to do to have a far more secure ( vs just 'private' ) setup to offer. They totally ignore the advice. wunner why...duhhh..

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