Is there a way to figure out someone's username and password?

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I wanted to see if my husband is still e-mailing a woman that he had an affair with back in Nov/Dec. is there a way to figure out his username and password?

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Re: Is there a way to figure out someone's username and ...

The best way is to ask him.. If he's doing nothing wrong, i dont see why he wouldn't give you access to his account. On the other hand, if he's smart, he wouldn't be carrying-on via is 'regular' Facebook account.

So basically, if you don't trust him the best way to see what is going on inside YOUR computer is to install a Keylogger program. Assuming he is also using your computer, the keylogger will 'log' every keystroke that is typed on the computer. you can then go in and read what was being done on the computer - every chat, every email response, every user name and every password. Remember though - this is only legal when used on a computer owned by you. and, if you use the keylogger program to 'steal' his Facebook password then log into his Facebook account without his permission, you are legally on your own..

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