Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?

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Is there a way to view their private photos? I think that my ex is putting up pictures of me on Facebook but I can't see them.

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Re: Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?
Any help on those creative ways?
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Re: Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?

I keep missing the codes for facebook how to view private pics and or comments, my friend on facebook recently changed his mobile upload pics to private and also blocked some not all of the picture comments, so i go to the album of profile pics and it says 4 comments but I go to click on view all of his comments and it says there are 45 yet i still can only view 4 but there are more. So is there anyway to view those other comments that ussed to once be visible. he only has 1 album that is visible but used to have 2(mobile uploads) I do not know if this makes any kind of difference or not  

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Re: Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?

So far nobody has come up with a good way to view private pictures on Facebook other than getting added as a friend - but.. there are some creative ideas on how to get added as a friend..

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Re: Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?
I would be interested to know those if at all possible... i have a girlfriend whose picture count continues to increase but i don't see any new pictures??
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Re: Way To View Private Facebook Photos ?

Just ask your girlfriend for a look Smile Even if there was a way around the privacy settings, asking is the easiest way.

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