what.cd - was hacked

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Almost Evil
what.cd - was hacked

 posted on 11-13-07 (on another Torrent site)

Oh and if you are/were a member of what.cd.  Change your password right now. They got hacked and are unsure if the hacker got any passwords. ie: he's probably got them.  Also we'd like to remind everyone that it's more than a good idea to have different passwords for every site your on.



Re: what.cd - was hacked

yes, what.cd notified their memmbers. What.cd has a staff thats very open with their community. This hacker issue has all been taken care of. Even if the person got the passwords which I highly doubt they were stored in salted MD5 so to break the encryption is highly unlikely.

Re: what.cd - was hacked

uhm.... is it encrypted, or just hashed and salted? if it's just hashed and salted, that's not much protection....

Re: what.cd - was hacked
What's what.cd????  I visited the page (after googling for the url). Its faq doesn't really say much...kinda mysterious... :)

just curious.....


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