What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?

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So, I'm curious. This will be fun and interesting to learn about each other. What inanimate object best describes you? I only want one (1) item. So give it some thought and creativity. Any item that is best at describing you. Not a word. Not a place. Not what others may think or see, but how you would describe yourself.

Okay peeps, the burning question: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You and Why?

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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?
Magnet cause i have strong dislikes and likes.....................
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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?
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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?

Swiss Army Knife


My boss actually calls me this.


In my job and at home, I am the guy who fills multiple duties.  Not an expert in any field but have just enough skills and knowledge to take on most assignments.






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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?

 I think the inanimate object that best describes me is a book, with the title of The World's 100 Top Contradictions. Basically that's how I feel 99% of the time, one big contradiction!

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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?

The first thing that pops into my head for some reason is a pearl.  Then when I took a little more thought into it, I guess it's b/c I started out as something smaller than a grain of salt. With time I grew into something beautiful and rare to find. Wow, I DO think highly of myself, don't I? lol.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Re: What Inanimate Object Best Describes You?

A skateboard. Not just any skateboard. It's 8 inches wide. The trucks are Independent 139's. The wheels are Spitfire no smaller than 56mm. The bearings are Powell Swiss. Normally there'd be a fancy grip job. If there is not you know I was being lazy when I set it up. 

The setup of you ride tells skaters more than just that I am a skater. It tells them a little better about what I skate. My board is wide but huge like a vert rider. My board is not well suited to lots of flippy, tech stuff. My board is the set up to handle just about anything. I can step to anything without having to swap to a purpose specific deck. I do some flips, I ride some transition,  I'll skate anything on street that looks skateable.

My deck of choice is a brand called Anthem Boy. It's a locally owned board company and I happen to be friends with the owner. If I can't get one of his I ride a local shop's board. If not them it's Black Label. These choices would also tell a fellow skater a little more about me. 

Sorry that my inanimate object is more of an "insider" type of identifying object. It really does tell a lot about me but you'd have to skate to truly know.  Skateboarding is subculture no matter what Mtv and Ryan Sheckler tell the world.  

I don't want to die without any scars. 

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