Whats the Best Free Spyware Removal for 2009?

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Any suggestions on choosing the best free spyware removal program. I recently had spyware that Yahoo antispy found, and had to reformat my vista system. I have Mcafee suite right now, but need a spyware program. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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Re: Whats the Best Free Spyware Removal for 2009?

I once used AdaWare and Spybot, but have replaced them with the programs below.  I found they removed things that Spybot and AdaWare missed and they are very easy to use.

Spywareblaster - Free download, install and manual update weekly.  Keeps spyware and other malware off your computer.  You do not run scans with it.

SUPERAntispyware - Free version.  Manual update required with the free version.  The first time, run a complete scan, then use it about once a week if you are online a lot.  Be sure to update each time before a scanning.

Mawarebytes' Anti Malware - Free version.  Manually update before you scan.  It removes many infections that other programs  miss.

Hijackthis is a great tool to help in trojan removal, but not for preventing spyware. 




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Re: Whats the Best Free Spyware Removal for 2009?

I typically use HijackThis (make sure you are careful and check the logfile at http://www.hijackthis.de/ or with some professionals).  After Highjack this startup windows in safemode and run an updated spybot search and destroy and you should be pretty clean. 


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Re: Whats the Best Free Spyware Removal for 2009?

 Just so theres no confusion, HiJackThis isnt a spyware removal program. Its a tool used to help detect spyware- but doesnt remove it.

SpyBot Search and Destroy is great, and so is AdAware by lavasoft. Both are free to download too!


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