whats my facebook url ?

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noobie question.
whats my facebook url? i'm new (obviously!) to social networking. i want to tell people what my facebook profile is but i can't find out what my profile web address is?

can people only find me on facebook by doing a facebook search for my full name????

i see there's a new feature for a 'username' but surely there's something else by default - even f it's a long and ugly url.

thanks people x

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Re: whats my facebook url ?
i cant find it beacuse facebook is now updated
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Re: whats my facebook url ?

Mine shows up in my address bar if I view my profile... it also shows up at the bottom of the screen if I hover over my name on any of my status updates.

You could also go to your Account Settings to see what your username is set as... whish would mean your url would be http://www.facebook.com/USERNAME ... well, with your actual username being in place of where I typed 'USERNAME'

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Re: whats my facebook url ?

When you are on your Facebook "home" page, hover your mouse over the link in the upper-left that shows your name, or below that, "view my profile" and you will see your URL..

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Re: whats my facebook url ?
Thank you so much. That is certainly the easiest way. Took me a second to realize it showed up at the bottom of the page but there it was.

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