Winter Fashion

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c ya lata
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Ok so since everyone is talking about how cold it's starting to get I was thinking about all the new winter fashion possibilities.  First thing that came to mind was how winter brings out the Boots!  I've been debating whether or not to purchase a pair of Ugg's but I hate to be a conformist and I still think they look like astronaut boots.  So fellow Gug's I was wondering what your wearing this winter and what's the new winter fashion accessories.

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lone wolf
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Re: Winter Fashion

i tend to like black pants, a button down shirt and my warming vest (its got pockets for hand warmers lol) theyre uber warm lol ... i tend to use the pockets for stuff like my phone and snacks (both of which are very important) ... oh yea far as shoes just wear what ever is comfy .... i like my work shoes (some nun bush casual shoes) ya dont need to wear what everyone else is wearing to be popular be ground breaking and set youre own trends and if anyone has any issues then we will send the rotflolcopters and omgtanks and even the zomgmissles to destroy them lol

PrincessB (not verified)
Re: Winter Fashion

I love chunky knit sweaters. I am a big fan of scarfs too, but they are just not practical here. People are going to be wearing flip flops til Christmas!!!

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Re: Winter Fashion

I'm always happy when I get to wear some of the neat long-sleeve shirts I have, or my jacket. Only get to do that a couple months out of the year in FL. I'll be in TN the next couple days and it's supposed to be cold... I may get to cover my bald head with a black skull cap. I look better in consecutive layers of black as opposed to my usual one layer...

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Re: Winter Fashion

eh, i say leave the Uggs where they belong- on a shelf in the store.  ick.  they are ugly and everyone has a pair.  there are plenty of great winter boots out there that are much cuter and much more unique. 

i'll be rockin my style- boots, jeans, long sweaters over tank tops, floppy hats, fingerless gloves, scarfs that are more for decoration than anything else, mini-skirts over warm stockings, etc...oh yeah, a white winter coat.  i like to think i'm a snow angel.  lol!

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Re: Winter Fashion

Me in Wonderland wrote:

i'll be rockin my style- boots, jeans, long sweaters over tank tops, floppy hats, fingerless gloves, scarfs that are more for decoration than anything else, mini-skirts over warm stockings, etc...oh yeah, a white winter coat.

Thats what im talking about!!



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Re: Winter Fashion

Well you guys are lucky! it was like 40 degrees and raining where im from

c ya lata-I would definitely suggest getting some Ugg's. I got one and their one of the best things i have for the winter! in fact im thinking about getting another one! I thought they looked ugly as well, but honestly their the most comfortable shoe ever! and it keeps your feet warm like no joke! its awesome! i wear it any chance i get..the only problem is..well at least for me is that i dont like wearing them in the rain..but people have and their fine so i really suggest getting a pair!

and im actually thinking about getting one of those jackets that has the fur all inside it! my brother has one and he said he never needs a winter coat again!

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Re: Winter Fashion

I will be wearing shorts and flipflops for most of winter.. but on those really cold days, i might put on a pair of warm Levi 501's ..

Vash the Stampede (not verified)
Re: Winter Fashion

yup same here.  slippers and shorts.  

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