Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

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I remember a few years ago every time you used Yahoo Messenger you would hear the Yahoo "yodel" - that's the sound that they used to use back when Yahoo still had enough money to advertise on TV.

But did you know that you can still enjoy that old Yahoo "yodel" just by clicking on the magic spot at


Where to find the Yahoo sound



To hear the old Yahoo Yodel sound, just click the center of the upper portion of the explanation point, or the dot at the bottom of the explanation point.

Try it! Click HERE for

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I am a Grown Up Geek from Near Anoka Minnesota
Member for 5 years 15 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

 WOW   I have been a YAHOO member for years and never knew.  I expected a synthesized sound, got what sounds like a kids group with a cute laugh at the end..  

Anonymous Visitor (not verified)
Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

Saw this on Jeopardy tonight and tried it. Mine does not work. Is it because I have Vista? Nothing works on Vista.

piikalama (not verified)
Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

heres the yahoo yodel girl commercialLaughing

I am Not Telling from In a field of clover
Member for 7 years 9 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

Oh wow, that's cool!  I hadn't heard the yodel in YEARS!  lol

Penelope Pickle
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I am A GuGee! from on planet earth in the united states
Member for 8 years 3 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

Hey...that's cool.


Just tired it and it actually worked...I thought you were pullin my leg there! YaHOOOOOOOO!  



I have a fetish for HOT GEEKS!

I am checking out GrownUpGeek.Com
Member for 8 years 17 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

i just recorded it and use it now when mail lands in my inbox. i'm sure that will go over real well when husband hears it!


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat!

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I am not telling from my own planet... keep off... no visitors.
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

Yes.... now Boo gives me a strange look everytime I go YAHOOOOOOOooooOOO


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


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I am Master of my own domain from Everywhere and nowhere...
Member for 8 years 14 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

haha that's really awesome. I had no idea!!!!thanks hubby for a good laugh Smile

iamthedevil's picture
I am nuckin futs from Hell, I would suppose...
Member for 8 years 26 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

Thats amazing. Has it always been like that?


Almost Evil
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I am new here at GrownUpGeek.Com from Sunny California
Member for 8 years 16 weeks
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Re: Yahoo Sound (the big secret!)

hahahaha i just clicked it like 15 times. thats awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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